Ensuring that a business is profitable is the goal of every company, to stay open, functioning and spying the bills. With the economic instability that came with the pandemic, it is reassuring to know that as the hospitality industry struggles for staff, there is an EPoS solution that can increase productivity, efficiency and reduce the pressure of the understaffed crisis sweeping the whole industry.

Investing in an EPoS system is an investment that will stand the test of time and prove itself a vital asset to your business and its overall function. While there is a sea of information surrounding EPoS systems, we have a team of experts that don’t just sell EPoS, but that work alongside you to understand your business and find the solution that best suits your business for the current situation and for future growth.

Tapa PoS is a custom Restaurant EPoS solution, and we don’t severe ties at the completion of the sale, we provide ongoing support, updates and there is always an open line of communication with us, a true end to end solution.

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POS Software, Is It Worth The Money?

Efficiency and growth are the reports we are getting back from our current customers. Software quality varies depending on your provider, that is true of any software in life, but with Tapa PoS delighted to serve some of the leading cafes, bars and restaurants with their solutions and continue to work alongside them.

It is expensive to update legacy systems where the server is kept on your premises, our cloud-based EPOS solution means that you pay a monthly charge to us as your supplier and when a software update is published, your system will update automatically on site.

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What exactly is EPOS?

EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) is a system that combines hardware and software to help you run your business more efficiently. 

Unlike traditional till systems, not only is the sale information captured but there is the ability to pull that information into meaningful reports that assist in the running of the business as a whole. This is true for stock, orders, managing staff hours and online ordering needs.

Having a birdseye view of the business and a better understanding of operations allows attention to be focused where it is needed and adjustments made accordingly and in real-time. 

Hardware for EPOS

The data entered into the system is either stored on your premises or in the cloud, depending on the sort of EPOS system you pick, our cloud-based reports for example are available in real time. 

A terminal screen, similar to a touch screen computer monitor is installed where your till would have previously been, with our sleek and sophisticated design the aesthetic addition to your business will be showcased to your customers.

An EPOS system’s extra hardware components are connected through cables or wirelessly depending on the system that you choose, but we will work together to determine what the best system for you is. Every EPoS solution is different and there are other pieces of hardware that can be added to your custom solution that we will tailor to your needs, whether that be online ordering takeaway, a kitchen screen or at table ordering.

Receipt printer- A receipt printer is a small printing device that uses ink or thermal paper to create a customer record of a transaction.

Tablets – small pieces of portable hardware that can be used in place of traditional EPOS systems or as an additional mobile device to help with business operations.

PDQ- A card payment terminal that uses chip and pin, contactless, or Apple/Android Pay to electronically transfer funds.


Call our specialist EPoS consultants if you have any questions or would like more information on how EPoS could benefit your business and discuss a tailored solution for you.