Restaurant EPoS

Simplifying Restaurant Operations and making your customers happy.

EPoS: Making Life Better

Rushing around, up and downstairs in extreme heat, in Hospitality, there is no time to relax! It’s always go time, but not anymore, thanks to our Restaurant EPoS System.

Whether the phone is ringing, you’re running to get stock or your checking menu items are in the kitchen, the jobs are endless. The last thing you need in a busy, fast-paced environment, is a system that keeps breaking down. Profits are the goal of any business, and keeping staff costs down, as they are one of the biggest overheads. Our Restaurant EPoS Systems are like having a personal assistant, to think of the things you might overlook and help you in your decision making and planning processes.

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Restaurant EPOS Benefits


1. Restaurant PoS for Speed Of Service


Time is something in the Hospitality Industry that is generally laughed at because there is a severe lack of it.  If you are thinking that you don’t have the time for this, you don’t have to worry, the installation is so quick, tidy and pain-free. With our tablet solution, taking orders has never been quicker.

2. The Restaurants Lifeline For Stock Control

Stock is something in the Hospitality Industry that is a job deemed undesirable, walking around the building all day, hand counting and measuring how much Kalua is left, or exactly how many baileys! Trying to calculate in your head how much you remember selling the week before and if you should go ahead and order more. The Restaurants saviour software is here for you, to offer advice on what you should order based on previous sales.

Restaurant EPoS System
Best EPoS for Hospitality

3. Restaurant EPoS And Staff  Costs

Employing staff and keeping track of their hours is a constant worry and stress, but not anymore, with our smart Restaurant EPoS system. Finger recognition sign-in software for employees allows you to track who was on and how many hours they worked. The PoS reporting function then gives labour at a percentage of sales so you can make informed decisions on staffing levels. Restaurant PoS is changing the game completely – with businesses more efficient than ever.

4. The System With No Interruptions

There is absolutely no stopping in Hospitality and there is certainly no room for a system failure. Our Restaurant EPoS system is reliable, helpful and you won’t want to live without it. Hospitality EPoS is built for all of the pitfalls that restaurants can’t afford to happen – the main one that our customers love is that the system doesn’t go down if the internet goes down – simply because there is no room for an error like that, restaurants pos needs to be on point and with our systems, you will never be let down.

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5. Our Systems Are Priced Fairly

Tapa PoS is not priced to break the bank, we are on a mission to improve the industry as a whole. Tapa PoS is an investment in the future of your business.


Why are Restaurant EPoS Systems are an investment?

  • Increased productivity and speed
  • Streamlined processes equal savings
  • Happy customers through increased engagement
  • Stock tracking to avoid surplus and wastage
  • Reduced human error through EPoS function
  • Quicker ordering capabilities, mean more orders placed

    According to research conducted, technology can improve the eating experience for consumers with limited time but a strong need for personalization. Pay at the table is one of the highest-rated additions to dining in restaurants, among these various sorts of technology, are gaining popularity in the restaurant industry since they help both the client and the business owner.

    Restaurants have made substantial modifications in the last decade to keep up with the disruption that technology is causing in the hospitality business. We have been suppliers of technology for hospitality for over 50 years and we know exactly what is needed.