Guests can use their own

mobiles to order and pay at table

Reassure your guests and offer contact free order & pay. No set up fees. No app download required! Customers can order food and drinks at their table without leaving their seat.

Let customers order and pay from their table

Automate the order taking process to enhance operational capacity and up sell opportunities.

Simple for Customers to use

Our at Table app lets customers easily navigate your menu, select what they want to order, customise options and pay without any complications.

Diners can access your online menus by scanning the QR code with their own devices.

Easy to navigate food & beverage menus.

Feature daily specials and discounted items to maximise stock turnover

Best EPoS for Hospitality and Retail
Table Management

Seamless PoS Integration

Our At Table app is fully integrated with Tapa POS. This means when a customer uses the app their order goes straight to the till, orders are printed to the kitchen or bar without needing any server interaction. Database setup is all on the one system and stock levels can be updated and transactions recorded on the POS system.

No need to download just scan and order

Just place your contactless menu QR codes on tables or counters for customers to scan and open your menu on their device. Customers are able to browse your menu, order, and pay at their table using any smart phone or tablet.

Increase your average spend

Increase revenue with smart upsell features like pop-up menus and cooking modifiers. Guests are guided through the entire order process… how do you want your steak cooked, which sauce would you like, which side order, which wine we recommend with this main course, would you like any additional side orders or sauces.

You are in Good Company

Every day, hundreds of businesses like yours rely on Tapa

“Tapa is the most extraordinary and revolutionary POS that I've seen in the service industry and I've been working with systems for 29 years”

Donal DohertyHarrys Shack
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“Because we can customise our menus daily our average customer spend has increased by approx 20%... our wastage has decreased to less than 5%”

Barry SmythThe Yellow Door
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“The guys from Tapa were always available, knowledgeable and responsive to everything we needed. This was hugely beneficial to our business.”

Adrian McLaughlinGuilt Trip Coffee
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