Integrate your Credit Card

with Tapa POS

PaymentSenses integrated payments software connects your till and Chip & Pin reader, enabling contactless payments, cutting down queues, and completely removing the potential for costly mistakes and misuse.

Seamlessly process card transactions without mistakes

A payment integration means you can press the button on Tapa POS and the correct total is sent to the card reader. Then, when the customer pays, the POS sale will be updated.

Simple for Customers to use

With the press of a button the transaction total is sent to the Chip &PIN reader. The customer then taps their card, presents their mobile device (like Apple, Samsung and Google Pay) or inserts the card and enters their PIN number depending on the transaction value. In seconds the transaction is authorised and the sale finalised on the till.

Depending on broadband connection, you can expect to process transactions in 3-5 seconds.

Integrated Chip and Pin PoS
Chip & Pin

Less cash to handle. More security to enjoy.

Card machines offer you and your customers many security advantages over cash. Fast, secure transactions using encrypted PCI compliant terminals cut out fraud and  means you are guaranteed to receive payment without any disputes.

By reducing the amount of cash you keep on-site, you reduce instances of theft and fraud as well.

A Range of terminals to suit your needs

Depending on the application required you can connect your terminal by wire, Bluetooth or Wireless. Fixed countertop terminals work well as a secure solution with Space Pole mounting options whilst Bluetooth devices allow you to share a card terminal between till points and take transactions on the move.

Increase your average spend

Customers spend more when they can pay by card.

When people don’t need to worry about having enough money in their pockets, impulse buying increases. By providing integrated chip &PIN for your customers spend more when they know they can pay by card.