With restrictions being eased and more businesses returning to their usual capacity, the hospitality sector faced the issue of an unexpected wave of demand. Although it is a great success for many, some are finding it difficult to cover shifts with a lack of manpower, industry-wide.

That is exactly where Tapa PoS can help any business in the industry. By improving efficiency, effectiveness and allowing the focus to be on other parts of the business that need attention at this trying time. Restaurant EPoS is exactly what the industry needs to get businesses back on their feet.

The Advantages Of EPOS Systems

Benefits of EPoS Systems

Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) is both a combination of software and hardware. Created to effortlessly help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. Create a fully integrated payment process by connecting your till and card payment system. These changes and improvements are pushing traditional till systems to the wayside. EPoS Solutions not only record sales but also generate detailed reports that help to increase revenue and improve workflow.

With Tapa PoS we make sure to provide a unique EPoS software solution to our clients with table ordering, online ordering and kitchen display screens. We designed our system for different types of services and businesses within the hospitality sector, you have not only great software and systems in place but one that is tailored to your business.

The response and feedback from our customers using our EPoS systems has been excellent as we continue to work alongside them with our ongoing support.

Restaurants and Cafe EPoS Systems

Table Management: Our restaurant/cafe EPoS systems consist of a specific suite of restaurant/cafe management tools. The dashboard was created specifically for eateries, hence, helps to provide excellent customer service, from making a reservation to paying the bill.

At Table Ordering: This feature became wildly popular right after the pandemic, as it minimises the interaction between the customers and staff. Using at table ordering, your customers can order their food via phone without your assistance! It helps not only maximise the quality of customer service but also increase the efficiency of staff work.

Connect to the Kitchen from EPoS: The times when the staff need to enter the kitchen to give orders are in the past! Nowadays, you can give direct printing to the kitchen or provide a KDS, as it helps not only be more efficient but also provides quicker customer service.

Bar EPoS

Quick Service: Nothing improves the retention of customers as quickly as efficient service, and with the Tapa Bar EPoS system, you will be able to complete a sale in a matter of a few seconds.

Create an Impression: In the busy market, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and Tapa PoS can allow you to do so! For example, you can customise your receipts. Simply add your company logo, header and footer text to the receipt of your company in our system.

Minimise Mistakes: Tapa PoS system allows you to create any layout of your menu. It will help staff to find a desirable dish for the person in a matter of seconds. Table ordering reduces human error by allowing the customer to process their own order


Usually, this sector of the hospitality industry is the most fast-paced, leaving personnel covering the sale process in a matter of seconds. However, it is definitely possible to do with the EPoS system for takeaways!

Easy to use: Our Tapa PoS system is straightforward, therefore your staff will quickly get to grips with the interface. Improve the speed of service and increase sales during busy times!

Accurate Receipts: Our point-of-sale system is highly accurate when it comes to receipts. Therefore, your business can forget about any issues or confusion when it comes to the payment process.

No Internet, No Problem: There will be no interruption even if the internet is down. Our Electronic Point of Sale will sync all new data as soon as it is reconnected to the network.

If you are still not sure if an EPoS is right for your business, and you have questions, let us know! We are here to get you the answers to all of your questions and decide together what the best EPoS solution for your business is.

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