PMS and PoS Integration for

Smoother Sales & Happier Guests

Full integration with Protel, a cloud based property management system. Protel is designed for modern hotel management. Enhance your guest experience and offer your guests charge-to-room directly from Tapa PoS.


Protel Integration

Streamline your hotel guests experience

Manage day-to-day operations, increase efficiency, reduce revenue losses, reduce costs and provide an enhanced guest experience.

No more items left off the guest’s bill

By integrating your Hotel’s PMS and PoS, you open the doors to offering your guests the perfect experience. Guests can purchase food and beverages that can then be charged to their room. Your guests are then provided with one single invoice settled at the end of their stay.

No more manual dockets and everything gets charged to the guest’s bill. This reduces errors and missing receipts. Making your guest experience seamless.

Integrate Protel with EPoS

V3 Hotel EPoS

Seamless PoS Integration

The Tapa PoS and PMS interface automates the process of posting charges to guest rooms, improving accuracy and efficiency. The PoS queries the PMS in real-time to verify the guest status and room number. You can then automatically post the charge to the guest’s room.

Cut down on admin time

Tapa PoS will also post all the food and beverage revenue into Protel PMS automatically, saving your staff time and also ensuring that management gets a complete picture of the operations when they get their managers report from Protel.

Easily manage meal plans

Automatically display the room code rate so your staff will always know what packages a guest has available and can ensure top class service for your guests to keep them happy.

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