Grow your bottom line

Tapa POS online ordering provides a simple, low cost and convenient way for your customers to order food or drinks for Collection or Delivery.
Your online menu will encourage new customers and give existing customers a new fast and easy way to order without having to queue.
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Stay ahead of the competition

Automate the order taking process online and open up new revenue streams for your business.

Increase Customer Spend & Profits

Introduce new customers with a simple to use ordering process. Online ordering will encourage repeat business from existing customers who won’t have to queue instore or hold on the phone

We set your site up for you and maintain your menus. Menus can be easily configured for upselling encouraging customers to customise their order and increasing sales for you.


Best EPoS for Hospitality and Retail
Fast Food EPoS

Seamless PoS Integration

Online orders are fully integrated with Tapa POS. This means when a customer uses the app their order goes straight to the till, orders are printed to the kitchen or displayed on the kitchen screen without needing any interaction. Database setup is all on the one system and stock levels can be updated and transactions recorded on the POS system.

Don’t get over-run when busy

Don’t worry about handling orders when you are busy, the system can allocate the number of orders you want to take for Collection and Delivery slots depending on which day of the week and what time a customer orders.

Decrease labour costs and increase profits.

Labour costs are one of your highest overheads, by encouraging customers to order online you can free up valuable staff resources from having to answer the phone and taking card payments and decrease your labour costs.

Take Customer Orders when you are Closed

With our pre-ordering facility you can allow customers to place orders for when you open again. Products can be limited so they can only be sold on certain days

Encourage Loyalty & new business

Tapa POS allows you to generate voucher codes and offer promotions online to incentivise customers’ buying decisions and drive sales via your mobile friendly website.