EPoS System

Tapa PoS is the future! 

The Best EPOS System

With the new rules in the Hospitality sector and the lack of staff as a result of the pandemic, there has never been a better time to get an EPoS System installed. 

  • One-year Free Warranty
  • Improved Staff Efficiency
  • Increased Revenue

Why You Need An EPoS System


Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art system put in place or you are looking for integration, get in touch and we can help tailor an EPOS System to your business needs. With hundreds of happy customers, Tapa is helping improve efficiency, increasing revenue and confidently keeping businesses running, even if the connection goes down.

EPoS System Strengths

  • Stock Management
  • Allergen Information to hand
  • Sales and Revenue Tracking
  • Menu Analysis
  • Upselling Prompts
Best Restaurant EPoS System
Restaurant EPoS System

The Strengths Of An EPoS System

1. Stock Management

Constantly counting the stock can be an absolute nightmare of a job, with our EPoS system, the job becomes a breeze. From the first time that you order, it meticulously counts the small measures of each spirit used in the 700 cocktails you sold over the weekend so that you don’t have to, and even better than any other system, it gives you data for reordering.

2. The Look

EPoS Systems are the less is more approach and beautifully blend into the aesthetics to perfectly fit in with your restaurant, in a subtle way. Allow your staff to get chatting with customers for longer, build relationships and encourage repeat custom. The EPOS Systems allow your staff to serve your customers quicker, which in turn accumulate larger bills, more revenue for the business and very satisfied customers.

Takeaway Ordering System
Touch Screen Tills Ireland EPoS

3. At Table Ordering


Restaurant EPoS systems are an amazing addition to any hospitality space, they really do bring a different experience to a Restaurant or even a Bar. That all too common feeling of rushing customers through their meal, throwing up drink orders and barely getting to speak a word to them.  At-Table ordering allows the customer to place their order and pay online. This order then pops up on your till screen, is automatically assigned to the table and prints out for prep.

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4. Statistics


Tapa PoS is a smart EPoS System that gives you suggestions based on the data that it collects. Peak times, staffing numbers, drinks sold, stock levels in the bar and kitchen. The control that you gain from a system like this is life-changing and boosts profit, experience and staff moral.

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