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Streamline your restaurant's operations with our seamless table reservation and POS integration. Maximise efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and boost revenue with our comprehensive solution. Say goodbye to double bookings and manual order entry, and say hello to a smarter, more profitable dining experience

ResDiary integration

Enabling you to fully optimise your restaurants capacity

Front-of-house staff no longer have to move between two systems to keep track of what’s happening in the restaurant

Increase Table Turnover

Real-time data availability across both systems, such as bookings and tables status, allows for advanced table management practices enabling your staff to deliver a higher level of service while promptly turning tables over.

With ResDiary integration, you can see all your bookings in one place with the grid, table plan or list views. Easily add rules to stop tables or times being sold incorrectly and even allocate sections to staff and track their performance.

ResDiary and Tapa PoS integration makes day-to-day operations run more seamless, reduces overbooking errors and increases table turnover.

PoS Table Reservations
Reservations PoS

Seamless PoS Integration

Real-time data from ResDiary bookings allows staff to manage reservations, walk-ins and maximise your covers directly in Tapa PoS. The integration provides great features like automatic two-way updates on meal status, the sharing of information on customer preferences, and the deduction of deposits taken on ResDiary from the customer’s bill on the point-of-sale.

Full Customer history

Spend information collected following payment through Tapa PoS and is passed back and stored against the customer profile in ResDiary. This makes it easier to identify your highest spending and most regular customers and then reward them for their loyalty.

Schedule a demo with our team today and see how Tapa PoS can help benefit and improve your business. With a wide variety of integrations and features available, Tapa PoS is designed to boost efficiency and increase productivity.

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