EPoS Systems have a range of features for the hospitality sector to choose from. However, it is important to choose features that will benefit your business needs. Purchasing an EPoS System can be confusing and require a lot of consideration, as choosing the wrong system can have a negative impact on your business.

With help from the team at Tapa POS we can help you on your journey towards choosing the perfect EPoS System to suit your business. We have made a list of the best features of the latest cafe EPoS Systems, restaurant epos systems and kitchen displays, with details on how they can benefit your business.

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The Best Features Of The Latest EPOS Systems

Employee Management

EPoS software can help business owners track and manage their employees within their organisation. They can track their working hours, productivity and completed transactions. Through the Tapa EPoS system staff can clock in and out, which will make completing their payroll easier to manage.

Each staff member will be given their own ID within your company EPoS system. This will allow business owners to see who the top performers are, as well as which employees may require extra training. Providing this extra training will help to speed up your service and make sure all members of staff are able to ring up orders from their first day at work.


Order Processing

It is essential that every EPoS system that a business purchases should have the basic functions of taking orders and paying bills. At Tapa POS our systems use printers and screen displays to ensure that every item that a customer orders is registered on your business’ system before the food is served. This will prevent items from being left off the customer’s receipt or the bill at the end of the night.

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Gift Vouchers

With EPoS systems you can increase your new customer base by offering gift vouchers. Tapa POS seamlessly integrates with giveavoucher.com where businesses can keep all of their sales information in one place. Your customers will be able to purchase vouchers online and the voucher will be automatically sent to the recipient. When customers arrive at your business with their vouchers, they can easily be redeemed on your till, tablet or mobile.


Zero Service Interruptions

It is essential that EPoS systems will remain fully functioning when businesses are experiencing issues with their internet services. With Tapa POS there will be no service interruptions and your business’ point of sale will remain fully operational. Once your internet is back up and running again any new data that has been received will be synced and you won’t lose any important updates.


Why Choose Tapa POS

At Tapa POS our EPoS systems have a vast variety of features from managing your staff and payroll, to staying on top of customer service and ensuring the correct bills are paid. No matter what features your business requires, Tapa POS has something for you. To learn more about our EPoS systems, schedule a free demo with one of our experts today.