Table management

for restaurants made easy

With its built-in restaurant table management software, Tapa POS lets you design a restaurant floor plan, take orders by table and move tables around freely.

Table management at the touch of a button

Tapa POS lets you easily manage and control your restaurant floor
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Stay on top of service

Tapa’s graphical table plan lets serving staff see what time guests were seated, have they been served drinks, has an order been taken for food yet and what course each table is on. Our easy to use visual guide helps you and your staff stay on top of problems and improve your restaurant service.

EPoS Restaurant Table Plan
EPoS System - Assign Covers

Easily manage individual covers

Tapa lets you assign items to a dining cover as the order is taken or after the sale has been registered. Easily print an individual bill for each customer in the party and pay separate customers without having to get the calculator out.

Want to split a bill? No problem

Pay an individual guests own items when they come to pay, just transfer from the main bill and choose how they are paying. If a customer wants to go dutch or split the bill evenly Tapa lets you simply divide the entire bill or even just one item.

Best EPoS System for Splitting Bills
Best EPoS System for Restaurants for Table Planning

Table management is a breeze

Tapa POS has an intuitive table management system and helps you and your staff to manage busy services. If a customer wants to move table no problem just transfer bill from one to another, or if an item has been put on the wrong table just transfer from one to another.