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Tapa PoS is the future of hospitality.

The EPoS Software Changing Everything

In a fast paced and ever changing world, keep up to date and boost your bottom line.

  • Easy-to-use software that can scale with your business
  • Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time
  • Easy to set up and train staff
  • Beautifully designed hardware that withstands rigours of the Hospitality and the Retail Industry
  • Your Complete EPoS System
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EPoS: Because Only The Best Will Do

Our cloud based solutions have quickly becoming extremely popular within the Hospitality Industry. The capabilities are undeniable and TapaPos are changing the game.

  • One-year Free Warranty
  • Improved Productivity
  • Increased Staff Motivation
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Cloud Based
Best Restaurant EPoS System
Speed of Service

Quick service is vital in the Hospitality industry. With fast and easy to use menu screens, Tapa PoS can handle the busiest of venues effortlessly. 

Easy Interface

The user interface is simple yet powerful, combining intuitive features that simplify operations and lets you get your team up and running in no time. 

Robust & Reliable

Confidently keep your business running, even if your connection goes down. Tapa PoS will run undisturbed.


Strong security features help secure your cash and stock and enable you to keep control of your business. 

Best EPoS System for Restaurants for Table Planning

1. EPoS For All Businesses – Point Of Sale Stability

Tapa PoS Systems for Hospitality: Restaurants, Takeaways, Cafés, Bars and Retail etc. Our software puts you back in the driving seat of the business. It allows you to focus on more important aspects of the business instead of worrying about broken tills or software shutting down unexpectedly. We have the EPoS Systems that you can rely on for a flawless point of sale.

2. Our Background In EPoS Systems

We know the Hospitality Industry, being in the Hospitality Industry ourselves we know which features can help make your day-to-day business seamless and less stressful. Our experience allows us to think outside of the box, of every little detail that makes Hospitality function more smoothly. Tapa PoS systems offer a top-quality EPoS System!

Life becomes pretty amazing with our Software in your corner, especially Tapa PoS!

EPoS Restaurant Table Plan
Best EPoS for Hospitality and Retail

3. EPoS System At Table Ordering


Whether you are looking for a Takeaway Ordering System, Restaurant, Café or Bar, our PoS systems are what the hospitality industry have been wishing for and now it is finally here.

They change the entire experience of being out. Rushing customers through their meal, throwing up drink orders and having no time to talk is a common occurrence, one that was unavoidable, but now with our  Software is not even a thought.  The order is typed in and then immediately sent, with no wait time, the evening is calm and error-free.

4. Our EPoS Software Capabilities


Increasing sales is probably the most desirable on this list, right? There is no doubt that with our point of sale solutions in place, you will find your business running much smoother, staff will be happier plus you will find more time on your hands to build relationships with customers, to slow down and enjoy the experience yourself. 


 Software Strengths

  • Stock Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Sales and Revenue Tracking
  • Menu Analysis
  • Staff Management Data
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    About Us

    TapaPos is an industry leading supplier of Epos solutions across the UK, based in Northern Ireland, they serve thousands of businesses that all report increases in their bottom line.

    The cloud based, access anywhere system serves a multitude of industries and is changing the way that business are able to carry out every day operations. With a team of experts to hand and a robust epos solution the rapid expansion is understandable. With its unique ability to keep your business going, even in the event of an internet outage, TapaPos is pioneering the next generation of Epos.

    We provide ongoing support for every Epos solution that we install and our expert teams ability to understand your business and adapt our Epos system to your individual needs is catapulting us to the forefront of the Epos market.


    Why You Need EPoS Software

    Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art point of sale system put in place or you are looking for integration, get in touch and we can help tailor our EPoS software to your business needs. With hundreds of happy customers, Tapa is helping improve efficiency, increasing revenue and confidently keeping businesses running, even if the connection goes down.

    You can read more here on: EPoS for Reports and Marketing

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