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Say goodbye to ordering your Takeaway over the phone to be put on hold. No more queuing, or panic ordering when you’re the next in line. Order at your own pace, anywhere, anytime from your mobile. Your order is automatically sent directly to the kitchen printer or KDS. Speeding up service and cutting out the middle man.

Online ordering is a bonus for food outlets, less staff is required, no employee is dedicated to answering phone calls plus no missed dockets or orders.

Integrated Online Ordering EPoS is the answer. Having an online ordering system encourages consumers to return. Our simple, straightforward and efficient ordering system is fully integrated with Tapa PoS. A feature you can look forward to with this online ordering system, seamless integration, orders print straight to the kitchen with no server interaction required.

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Online Ordering is key for any business

A year of much turbulence, 2020 certainly had its ups and downs. For takeaway owners, a highlight certainly would have been the survey conducted that revealed more than 12,000 consumers, UK wide between 18 and 24 ordered takeaway food several times each month.

Online ordering simplifies the order taking process, and saves money on staff costs. There is no need for staff members to man the phone lines, there are no orders getting lost in the chaos and of course the lost custom of the people that couldn’t get through. Online ordering provides you with a simple, low cost and efficient solution. Order food, organise delivery and collection, all without contact.

While the pandemic certainly contributed to the jump of 52,500 online ordering users, the convenience of this system has kept levels higher than before with iwantfed Google Analytics predicting a staggering 30% rise across 2021.

Further predictions see the number of users in the UK online food delivery market expected to hit 13.1 million by 2024. With these impressive forecasts in front of us, having a great online presence is quite frankly essential. Being visible to your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without having to pay for costly media advertising or billboards.


A PoS System that scales with your business

The internet is a free community, all you need to reach your target audience is a user-friendly website and social media activity on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You may also spend some time on Google My Business to build a solid company profile so that individuals searching to order food in your region or within your delivery range can find you with a quick search. Tapa PoS online ordering system is the foundation for growth.

Tapa Pos is designed with both the consumer and the takeaway outlet in mind. Combining speed, sleek design and functionality to make the experience and the process of online ordering pleasant, efficient and enticing for repeat custom.

It is no longer a matter of leaving it to chance, with Tapa’s online ordering solution you can track who your regular customers are, what they like to order and what items are most popular on your menu just to name a few. With the analytics and insights that are provided to you by the robust online ordering system, you can tailor promotions and offers that are backed by the real world, by the market in which you operate and target your customers.

EPoS Systems Are The Future

With a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, Tapa PoS online ordering EPoS system will increase productivity, increase business efficiency and aid growth and in turn profitability. Give yourself the gift of time, so that as a business owner you can focus on what matters most.

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