Online Ordering Takeaway

Online Ordering Takeaway EPoS Systems have never been easier. With more businesses moving online in the last year than ever before, Tapa PoS are here to take the stress and complication away. Our Online Ordering Takeaway Systems are simple, low cost and convenient.

Gone Are The Days Of The Good Old Fashioned Phone Call And Cash, Here Are The Online Ordering Takeaway Days

Take away the frustrating ordering process and welcome your customers to our online ordering takeaway revolution.

Increase Revenue Through Retention & Smart Upselling

  • Customers are met with a simple and easy to navigate menu
  • Menu optimised for upselling
  • Maintenance provided
  • Online Orders sent straight to the kitchen
  • Transactions recorded & stock tracked



Best EPoS for Hospitality and Retail
online ordering takeaway

The Best System For Food Ordering Online

  • Scale your business with easy to use software
  • Cloud-based reports in real-time
  • Easy functionality for training staff
  • Beautifully designed hardware
  • Online Orders are fully integrated with Tapa PoS. When an order is placed, the middleman is not needed with the order going straight to the kitchen.

    • Pre-order feature is an option
    • Say goodbye to putting customers on hold
    • Say goodbye to frantic running

    Let Tapa PoS help run your business, letting you focus your attention on areas that need it most.

    The Easy Ordering System

    • Preset your threshold for orders and delivery for certain days
    • Restore function to your business
    • Don’t get overrun at the busy times
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Increase profits

    Happy Customers Order Again

    In the industry, there is always someone tied up on the phone, as there is always someone wanting to order food, so taking orders and processing payments is a stable drain on time and EPoS is there to change that. An Online Ordering System takes over this job and the staff member could then be free to assist in other areas. This leads to improved efficiency and therefore happier, more satisfied customers. Happy Customers is always our end goal and to make takeaways easy.

    Take Customer Orders when you are Closed

    With our pre-ordering feature, you can allow customers to place orders for when you open again. Products can be limited so they can only be sold on certain days. The best takeaway ordering systems are the ones that make you money while you sleep.

    Encourage Loyalty & new business

    Tapa PoS allows you to generate voucher codes and offer promotions online to incentivise customers’ buying decisions and drive sales via your mobile-friendly website.