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The Food Ordering System That’s Changing The Online Game

Running a takeaway fast-food restaurant can be a competitive industry, where customer service and the speed that you process your orders are key. Many takeaway restaurants receive takeaway orders from hundreds of customers per day. This can sometimes be hard for members of staff and the kitchen to manage. As a result, food will take longer to prepare and customers can feel unhappy having to wait longer for their takeaway order.


The Tapa PoS system is designed to assist restaurants with the speed of their orders and increase the success of their business. Adding a Takeaway Ordering System to your business will have many advantages that will help increase the productivity and profitability of your restaurant. Business owners have a lot to manage, right through from the customer journey to staff wages. Tapa PoS helps with this so you can focus on what matters most


Online ordering takeaway is the future, gone are the days of the cash and carry system. Bring your business into the future with our state of the art EPoS system.

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Takeaway Ordering System Essentials


1. Manage Business Security and Costs


The Tapa PoS ordering system platform for takeaways allows each member of staff to login in using an easy sign-on method. This helps business owners manage the cost of staff wages and see exactly what impact it is having on profits. Using a sign-on method will also help to increase the security of your business. Owners of takeaways can assign roles for each member of staff and decide who has the authority to run business reports, apply refunds and control voids.

2. Food Ordering – Accurate Receipts


Adding Takeaway Ordering Systems to your business will ensure that customer receipts are accurate and the business is not losing out on money due to ordering errors.


Tapa PoS uses printers and kitchen screens to make sure that items the customer has ordered are registered on your system before food is served. This helps to ensure nothing is left off the bill before customers make the final payment.

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3. No Internet, No Problem For Takeaways – The Unstoppable Online Ordering Platform


As all businesses can experience issues with their internet, there is a worry that there may be interference when taking customer orders through a Takeaway Ordering System. However, Tapa PoS software is designed with no service interruptions.


If the internet goes down your PoS will remain operational so the business does not lose out on sales and your customers will not have the frustration of a stressful takeaway order.

4. Durable Design EPoS Screens & Printers


Tapa PoS software understands that each takeaway requires different needs when it comes to their Takeaway Ordering Systems. That’s why we offer a range of durable hardware to withstand all environments within the food industry.


These include touch screens, handheld terminals, kitchen screens, kitchen printers, receipt printers, cash drawers and peripherals matter what your fast-food restaurant requires, Tapa PoS has a system to suit your business needs.

Takeaway Ordering System

Change How They Order – The Software Helping You Stand Out From The Crowd

Introducing Tapa PoS systems will help your business to stand out from the crowd by increasing the speed of your service and in return improving your customer footfall. For more information on how Tapa PoS can benefit your business, book a Demo with us today.

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