PoS Systems

The evolution of technology has been nothing short of amazing, but the ‘leg up’ that technology is providing small businesses is unbelievable. From reducing staffing costs, increasing efficiency and reducing error, it seems that the advantages of PoS Systems in small businesses are never-ending and the future is looking bright for continuing the transformation. 

Here are 5 reasons why every small business needs a PoS System

1. Increase Productivity

You can easily look up past transactions using a PoS system at the touch of a button. If you need to know the number of sales from last Wednesday, for example, a point-of-sale system provides this information quickly. Using a cash register to get the same answer would require many, many hours of labour.

On a point-of-sale device, every step of the procedure is faster, from authorising a credit card transaction to generating a customer receipt.

This can help you stay organised, allowing you to provide a speedier service and devote more time to improving and focusing on customer experience.

Using a PoS system ensures a much higher level of cash management control. The system will show the projected and actual amount of cash taken, with the extra functionality of adding the reason for each transaction.

Our PoS Systems for cafes, bar PoS, every PoS System, in fact, outlines inconsistencies with a handy and very practical visual representation to identify issues quickly.

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 2. Inventory Control

You can see your inventory in real-time, flag goods for reordering, and search product details, something even the best cash register can’t accomplish.

Another advantage of using a smart PoS System, it virtually removes the need for an inventory clerk. The hours that have been spent on stock counts and that dreaded feeling when you realise you have forgotten to order an essential item is gone.

You can make personalised purchase orders with our PoS Systems, effectively eliminating an extra step in the ordering process.

You may even automate parts of the ordering process to ensure that your best-selling items never run out – the future is here.


3. Reduce Human Error

We are all human and mistakes do happen, they happen every day, no matter how much effort goes into ensuring they don’t, some simply slip through the cracks.

A PoS System in hospitality allows servers to take orders directly onto an iPad rather than memorising or writing them down, both of which have the potential for error. 

Orders accepted directly on an iPad are automatically sent to the kitchen, removing the need to physically enter orders onto the cash register, either on paper or by memory.

Good PoS software includes processes to ensure that information is entered correctly before the transaction is completed. Our system provides an order review page, so you can rest easy and say goodbye to the days of rushing into the kitchen to correct mistakes.


4. Increase Profits and Sales

Our PoS System analyses sales patterns to find top-selling items as well as their equally significant counterparts – low-selling items.

This reduces the need to keep track of what is and is not selling manually. Our PoS systems can have a big impact on sales, allowing you to maximise profit potential.


5. Customer Service

Our customer service is another advantage of having a PoS system. At Tapa PoS, we don’t stop at the sale, we provide customer support in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, in which case all you have to do is call and we can quickly resolve the issue.

As your business grows, we can grow with you, with industry-specific add-ons designed to make your daily operations easier. Join the thousands of happy and thriving customers and get in touch today for your affordable and tailored PoS solution.

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