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Let us help improve your existing EPoS software with Tapa PoS and our at table ordering feature.

EPOS for Bars and Pubs

Beer gardens are back and off to a flying start! Even our horrendous UK weather can’t keep the British public away from the long-awaited sip of that ice-cold beverage amidst a buzzing atmosphere. But with the new rules around hospitality, it means bars and restaurants are having to adapt to a new way of working as things can get pretty chaotic rather quickly if not properly managed. This is where EPoS for bars and pubs comes in.


Tapa PoS offers EPoS for bars and pubs. Tapa PoS, leading the way in the latest technology EPoS software. Our software is developed from over 40 years of business experience combined with our extensive knowledge of the Hospitality Industry.

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The 4 S’s You Need in Your Business


1. Security


Tapa PoS offers a visually simplistic, easy-to-use design with an intricate security system in place to help ensure maximum protection for your bar. From the simple sign on buttons, pin codes to magnetic cards or even Biometric Finger Vein readers. Tapa PoS has the level of security your business needs to maintain the maximum control and function of your point-of-sale system.

2. Staff Management


Every bar manager knows how tricky managing your staff calendar can be, labour costs directly impact your bottom line and profit margins. With Tapa EPoS software, you will never be overstaffed or understaffed again. Tapa PoS offers bar management the option to track your Clock Ins and easily report on your labour costs, helping to flag any issues in real-time.

Best EPoS for Hospitality
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3. Bar EPoS = Speed


As everyone flocks to their nearest bars prepared to stand in queues for hours. Some bars have begun placing time limits on each table to help get as many heads through the door as possible. Therefore, it is crucial that every table is managed effectively and efficiently. Tapa PoS not only has an intuitive table management system that will help your staff to manage busy services but it also offers a speedy service. 


Tapa Bar EPoS system helps your staff serve more customers in less time. With a simple and clean user interface, Tapa PoS allows transactions to go through quickly and smoothly with the press of a few buttons. As well as giving your customers the option to order and pay through an automated menu system.

4. Statistics


With Tapa PoS you can run your reports from anywhere. Allowing intuitive reporting and key insights to be at your fingertips. Everything from an email report to a detailed analysis of how a specific product contributes to your GP.

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Bar EPoS as unique as your business

You know your business and Tapa PoS know epos hardware. Whether it’s touch screens, handheld terminals, kitchen screens, kitchen printers, receipt printers, cash drawers or peripherals, we have it all. Bar Epos can help take your bar to the next level.