EPoS For Restaurants

While the act of eating out came to an abrupt halt, the act of eating food that you don’t cook yourself did not, not quite a luxury that people were willing to part with. As a result, the online ordering takeaway trend boomed and eateries and takeaways were forced to adapt with it as they were flooded with orders.

With normality resuming, the trend is here to stay as ordering takeaway and online ordering is going to continue to grow. At Tapa we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in Online Ordering systems.

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The Past and What the Future of The Industry Likes

Ordering a takeaway is not exactly a groundbreaking change in the industry, heading down to the chippy, especially in Northern Ireland, is a time-honoured tradition, a battered sausage, chips thrown in for free because you know the guy.

With the change in the industry and volumes increasing at an exponential rate, comes the need for systems that enable businesses to cope with the demand of online ordering and that is where we come in, writing down orders and answering the phone and then running the orders manually to the kitchen is a way of the past.

Enter, the automated kitchen display system that is changing the online ordering game.

We at Tapa PoS have listened to our customers and considered how we can make the shift to a takeout model easier for you – and we have the perfect solution, that can be tailored to your individual needs.

A sleek Kitchen Display Screen (KDS), which is designed for the busy, harsh kitchen environment. Easily and seamlessly integrates with our PoS solution as an end-to-end system.

When utilised to its full potential, day-to-day tasks are made simpler, profit maximised and customer experience enhanced. Save on staffing costs, minimise the risk of error and put your business in the online ordering takeaway arena to excel and boost your business.

Boost Your Business, Take Orders Seamlessly And Eliminate Mistakes



Communicating with the kitchen and having a list of orders that don’t rely on paper and printing and the old technologies bring your business into the 21st century.


Previously a staff member would spend all of their time manning the phones, writing the orders and running the orders. At Tapa PoS, our solution eliminates the ‘middle man’, freeing up staff to take care of more pressing issues while your orders are automated.

Order Tracking and Customer Profiling

Stock control, as we spoke about in a previous article is a mammoth task and in busy restaurants or takeaways, keeping track of the most popular items and what was sold and what needs to be reordered is a time-consuming process.

With stock tracking and customer profiling capabilities, not only do you keep track of stock, but you gain the ability to tailor offers to your customers, with the potential to increase the average spend.

There is no one size fits all at Tapa PoS, we understand that every business has different needs and budgets, but we pride ourselves on our expertise and will work with you to find the solution that works best for your business and growth plan.

Get in touch with us today to discuss a solution that will be tailored to your business needs.