Our EPoS software for reports is the solution that will change your business forever. Our software comes with a sales report feature that can offer you an abundance of statistics about your business. The majority of these systems will have a dashboard that displays key metrics and can give you reports.

These systems are extremely useful within the hospitality sector as they give you an overview of how your business is performing, how many sales you have made, what products are the most popular with your customers, and you can easily compare data.

You can now use PoS for reports and marketing as a key part of your business and with so much data available you can now assess where your business needs to improve and seek out opportunities.

Processes that apply to all hospitality are simplified and streamlined by our EPoS System. The overall experience is better for everyone with our end to end solution.

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How To Use PoS For Reports & Marketing

Analytics & Reporting

Reporting and analytics are a basic function of POS systems, they provide a range of reports with data about your business. This data can then be used to review your business’ performance and make necessary improvements.

For restaurant owners, EPoS Software for reports can be useful as they are able to generate information on daily, hourly, weekly sales basis. This provide you with an insight into your products, including, best-selling items, least popular items, top categories and much more. These sales reports can then be used to update your menu, update inventory, and plan on any new items you want to sell.

Reporting and analytics can also be used by businesses to view customer trends and estimate future sales. Through Tapa PoS, restaurant owners can now play on their strengths through endless data, metrics and reports.

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Managing Customer Relationships

Within a restaurant, it is essential to develop and maintain strong relationships with your customers. A restaurant PoS system can be beneficial for hospitality workers as it will allow them to order food quickly and accurately, offer a range of payment options, and use relationship management tools.

One of the main examples of how PoS systems can help you to manage your customer relationships is by introducing loyalty programmes to your customers. A POS system can build customer accounts where different loyalty levels can be reached depending on a number of different factors. This can include the number of times they visit the restaurant, how much money they spend, and the items they purchased.

Loyalty programmes can be carried out in a number of different styles. By maintaining your client base, they will continue to come to your business, recommend your services and increase your positive reviews.

Marketing Material

A Restaurant EPoS system is a handy marketing tool that can be used to increase brand awareness, new consumers, repeat customers, and your overall revenue. Using the restaurant POS system marketing tools, you can also use SEO and review management to rank above competitors on search engines. As the majority of customers search for restaurants online, both SEO and online reviews will help to boost your restaurant’s online presence.

POS systems offer restaurant owners data on their customers and sales, this will assist you when trying to identify your customer demographics and bestselling products. This will allow you to create ad campaigns that are more targeted towards your customers. With a PoS system your business can improve its marketing skills and as a result, increase your bottom line.

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Provide Support for Orders Placed Through the Phone or Online

As the food service has developed over the years, so has the way we interact with our customers. While sitting in at a restaurant is still popular, many customers enjoy ordering their food online or through the phone to take away and enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

If your restaurant accepts online and phone orders, adding a PoS system to your business is a great way of keeping track of these orders as well as your sit in reservations. It will also help to prevent overbooking, poor service and long waiting times for food as a result of using different types of sales channels.

Tapa POS can seamlessly link with iWantFed, a popular online ordering delivery app. This will allow your incoming delivery orders to be connected with the rest of the restaurant’s operations without added stress. All of the orders will be included in your restaurant’s inventory, allowing you to clearly display unavailable items. This will help to prevent customer disappointment and frustration.

At Tapa PoS we offer EPoS systems for restaurants where they can manage staff, offer 5-star service, carry out marketing and create regular reports. Our software is easy to use and will help to scale your business and boost your bottom line in the future. Whether you are looking for hardware that can withstand the busy kitchen environment or for a system that will continue to work if your internet connection suddenly breaks, our software is perfect for you. For more information, get in touch with a member of our team today and book our free demo.

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