Whether you are running a restaurant, café, fast food chain or hotel, investing in an EPoS system can help save your staff time, reduce errors and save your business money, there are many benefits of EPoS that we will touch on in this article. We all know that the hospitality industry can be hectic, especially during the holiday period and weekends. If you are new to EPoS software and would like to know more about how they function, the team at Tapa POS are here to help. We have created a list of how EPoS technology could save your business money and why you should consider adding these to the everyday running of your business.

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Speed Up Your Service

Restaurants and cafes have their busy periods through the day where their customers are lined up waiting to be served. This can leave your members of staff feeling stressed, service may slow down and this will leave customers feeling frustrated. This is where a cafe EPoS system and restaurant EPoS will come in handy.

Adding an EPoS system to your business will help to cut down on customer waiting times, free up tables quicker and make your staff’s working days a lot easier. At Tapa POS our systems include at table ordering services that will allow customers to order and pay for their food from their seat. Their order will go straight to the kitchen without server interaction, which will stop your staff from running back and forward to the till and to tables throughout their shifts.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Many EPoS systems will allow businesses to reward loyal customers through loyalty cards. When you create a loyalty card for your customers you will be able to collect information from them, including their names, phone numbers and email addresses. With their consent, you will be able to send them updates about your business and offers they can’t resist. This can be used as a powerful marketing tool that will increase brand awareness and your revenue. Through these rewards, your customers will want to take advantage of these cheap deals and will keep returning to your business.

Stay On Top of Stock Control

Businesses within the hospitality sector can lose out on money by running out of stock. This can lead to the loss of sales and also losing customers. Our EPoS software has inventory management, where you can track your stock and receive alerts when you are running low on products. You will also be able to view insights on your best-selling products, which products aren’t shifting, and what products are the most popular at specific times of the year. Using these management tools will help you to save money, reduce waste and become more sustainable by only updating stock you know will sell.

Reduce Human Errors

At the end of a hectic shift, you may often experience the receipts from card payments not matching up with the ones from your card machine. This can be unsettling for business owners as they worry, they have lost out on money. Introducing EPoS hospitality to your staff members and connecting it to your card machine means you can cut back your staff on entering incorrect amounts when the customer is requesting the bill. This will offer a better service for customers and will reduce the stress you feel when you are looking through your books after you close.

Adding an EPoS system to your business will offer you many benefits from saving you money to increasing service. This will lead to happier customers and will help you to run your business more efficiently without headaches or added worries. For more information on our EPoS systems and how they can benefit your business get in touch with our team today and schedule your demo.

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