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PoS Management systems are changing the game forever. Managing tables in a busy restaurant is truly the bane of all restaurant managers’ existence. We know this as we continue to support our clients after the purchase of their PoS software and see first hand the joy in the manager’s eyes at the table management function and how much easier their life has become since having our software in their cafes, bars and restaurants. 

With high numbers of guests being welcomed through the door, our PoS system allows you to meet and greet everyone and give your customers the experience they deserve and that we know you want to give everyone. With queues minimised, table layouts in order and the ability to have a birds-eye view of the customers in the premises whilst managing those bookings that are yet to arrive.

Processes that apply to all hospitality are simplified and streamlined by our EPoS System. The overall experience is better for everyone with our end to end solution.

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Managing Orders

There are always those customers in the restaurant that like to mix and match and create their own miniature menu, pulling in elements from all of the dishes that are on the menu. 

Often the server has a pen and paper, trying to keep up, but there are often mistakes made, especially in a loud and extremely busy environment. 

Our PoS solutions reduce errors with the incredible ‘at table ordering’ function that allows for menu customisation, just minus the errors. Not just for the mix and matching of the menu, but the PoS systems are great to bring extra attention to allergies and notes like ‘no sauce’ or ‘extra sauce’.

From the table, the order is sent to the kitchen, making time management alot easier. Instead of doubling up on work, you can carry on serving and prioritising other jobs. This is something that our customers rave about, it makes a more enjoyable experience for both customers and staff.

Splitting payments and providing different bills for individual goods in a single order are also possible with restaurant POS systems.

There is nothing quite like the Saturday night rush, right in the middle restaurant, a queue forming of a table that all want to pay individually on 6 different cards, and not a simple split, but a ‘who had what’ split. Our Restaurant EPoS system has the ability to split bills and print bills for individual items that are on the order as well and with at table payments, the restaurant remains fit to function and service to flow.

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Controlling and Monitoring Stock

From the kitchen and bars point of view, the ability to track stock is something that is a game-changer. If something is out of stock, you can let the customer know as the order is placed rather than having to find out from the kitchen directly and return to the table and interrupt the customer’s conversation. Managing inventory is something that every hospitality business has to do.

Tracking stock levels and sales is something that you can easily lose track of and there are often human errors in orders, with the PoS system in place there, automatic ordering can take place when set up with tracking, allowing you to never run out of stock and spend your time elsewhere on the business.

You can access all of the information in real-time, record spillages and wastage easily and also reflect on past sales trends allowing you to plan and make the most profit possible for the business.

Managing Staff

As a manager, especially in current times, where staff are hard to come by and finances are tight. The management of staff is hugely important, ensuring that it is efficient, as well as cost-effective. Our restaurant PoS system for managing employees is a life-changing addition to your business, we have seen this first hand and our customers rave about it.

You can measure and reward staff based on their efforts, allowing for increased job satisfaction and therefore employee retention.  

All in, with a good restaurant EPoS system in place, the errors that are made are reduced, job satisfaction increases, informed decisions can be made, service is quicker and the overall experience is better for both the customers you are welcoming and the staff that are working. 

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Contact TAPA PoS. TAPA PoS gives your business the technology you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment. They offer a complete EPoS system that is easy to use and can scale with your business. Complete with cloud-based reports that are accessible in real-time. This beautifully designed hardware from TAPA PoS withstands the rigours of both the hospitality and retail industries.


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