EPoS Features

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The Complete EPoS System, everything you need in one package! 

Strong security features

Our EPoS Features enable you to take control of your business. From simple sign-on buttons, PIN codes, proximity or magnetic cards to biometric finger vein readers. Tapa PoS has the level of security you need to control every function of your point-of-sale system. You can control voids, refunds and easily manage who can run reports, with simple user roles assigned to each PoS user.

Take control of your business with Tapa PoS. EPoS Features are designed with you in mind, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Best EPoS for Hospitality
EPoS Features

Operate on your own terms

As a business owner, you know labour costs are key. How they affect your bottom line is crucial to making a profit. You can use Tapa PoS to manage your employees and maximise profits. Use your EPoS System to your advantage.

Tapa PoS tracks your staff clock-ins and easily reports on your labour costs, highlighting when you are overstaffed. With cloud-based reports that are available in real-time, you can manage your business from anywhere at any time.

Customer service is key

With our EPoS System, you can serve your customers quickly and seamlessly whilst also generating more revenue. Tapa PoS can help increase the speed of each transaction.

With a simple and clean user interface, Tapa PoS allows staff to register and complete sales with the press of a few buttons.

Fast Bar PoS
Best EPoS for Bar

Save time and money

Cut down on costs and save valuable time with powerful EPoS Features for restaurants.

Tapa PoS has an intuitive Table Management System and can help you and your staff manage busy services.

Packed with all the features a hospitality business needs to keep things running smoothly. Tapa PoS can make running your business easier. With a variety of useful EPos Features, your day-to-day operations are made simpler!

EPoS Features designed for you!