At Table Ordering

Everything seems to be in place, everything is stocked and you await the arrival of your valued customers. You hope and pray for an evening of seamless service, low wait times, but then the inevitable happens and service starts to unravel.

You have the drink orders added for all of your tables, but you realise minutes later that you haven’t put in the order for a table of 6 and alas they have no drinks and a pretty hefty wait on their hands that you can do little, to nothing about.

Table Ordering System QR Code at Bunk

At Table Ordering System to the rescue, for pretty much all of these situations. The ability for a customer to order at the table allows for seamless dining service, suiting both customers and staff alike. The futuristic hospitality experience puts power into the hands of the customer and let’s face it – they love it. No waiting to order and flagging down the waitress power walking back and forth past their table, customers can easily order whenever they are ready.

Contactless ordering can provide additional revenue streams, and can also save you a lot of money as a result of increased customer spend and a decrease in staff overheads.

Are you debating whether or not to invest in a Table Ordering system for your restaurant? Or maybe you’ve already decided to go for it and just need some reassurance and confirmation that you’ve made the right decision?

Table Ordering System

At Tapa PoS, we are here to supply you with important information about how At Table Ordering system can assist your restaurant, café, pub or even hotel.

The At Table Ordering system is an excellent way to demonstrate to your customers that you’re in it for the long haul and have their best interests at the heart of your operations. Set up your restaurant with distinct technology that improves the visitor experience, makes your job easier and increases the profitability of your business!

NOTE: These features are designed to free up servers so they can attend to customers’ other requirements while they dine. Tablets are not there in place of knowledgeable, experienced servers who can anticipate customer needs and wants. Rather, this technology is used as a bonus to increase productivity and enhance customer experience.


How does contactless dining operate, and what are the benefits?

Customers scan a QR code to access the restaurant’s menu or website in contactless dining. Restaurants post their whole menu, including prices and nutritional information. Customers can then place their order and pay online, making changes and leaving notes as they go.

During the pandemic, we saw a significant increase in contactless payments, as it is a lot more sanitary than handling cash. In general, minimising the number of shared surfaces between clients and employees has helped the Hospitality Industry reduce COVID incidents.

Contactless dining eliminates the necessity for close physical interaction, as you might expect. Staff are not needed to handle consumers’ orders or payments because they can do it at their leisure, as everything is easily carried out online.

Handing out menus, taking orders, manually entering orders into a PoS, sending orders to the kitchen, and collecting money are all automated. Servers can concentrate on providing excellent service while technology takes care of the rest.


Increase your profit margins

Profitability and operational efficiency have never been more crucial than they are right now. 

Our At Table Ordering function helps businesses thrive despite significant customer turnover and staffing shortages that are being experienced UK wide.

Offering contactless ordering can provide additional revenue streams, and can also save you a lot of money, due to an increase in customer spend and a decrease in staff overheads. 


Save money and put it back into your company

Many restaurants have digital menus available on their websites; why not have them available in-house as well? An online menu is simple to maintain and a lot less expensive than paper. If something on your menu has to be altered or updated, simply make the necessary changes in your back office, and your changes are updated instantly.

Keep your live menu competitive by offering temporary discounts and happy hours. Prices can be changed at specific times to be lower or higher or manually adjusted for a last-minute promotional deal. You can also promote items at a discount in order to upsell them.


Enhanced operational effectiveness

Going digital does not have to mean losing quality customer interactions. Rather, it streamlines the ordering process and allows staff to provide a better service.

Customers have the same high-quality experience they’ve come to expect while saving you money on staffing, as fewer people are needed to maintain operations. Staff members are also less stretched and have more time to interact with customers, providing a more personal service. With automatic ordering and effective communication, you can avoid costly mistakes.

Examine your EPoS software reports to determine sales and labour percentages in order to better schedule. Your point-of-sale system is an important part of your business that seamlessly integrates front and back of house processes. The Restaurant EPoS system from Tapa PoS is a full package solution for the hospitality industry.

If you utilise your PoS to handle inventory, your menu should already be available online. Master stock levels are automatically modified with each sale, ensuring that you always have an accurate record of what is available. Tapa PoS also stops overselling online – when a product is running low or is out of stock, the customer can no longer purchase the item. This avoids disappointed customers, unfulfilled orders and lost revenue. 


Payment processing is the final piece of the jigsaw

With integrated payment, you can simply press a button on Tapa PoS and the correct total is automatically sent to the card reader. This reduces human error and minimises time spent issuing refunds and reconciling end of day reports. Customers are likely to spend more when they are paying by card as they do not have to worry about having enough cash. This can encourage impulse buying and increase customer spend.


Make your company future-proof

Contactless dining has a lot of advantages for both businesses and consumers. Businesses have had to fundamentally rethink their operations in order to fulfil new industry requirements as a result of the pandemic. Provide a solution that protects your organisation under extreme conditions while also catering to client safety concerns.

Integrating with a contactless ordering and payment system is a huge plus since it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. This is one pandemic trend that companies should keep! 

The final cherry on top is that when guests have finished their meal, they don’t need to wait to pay their bill with a staff member – turning tables over more quickly than before and freeing them up for new customers to be seated. 

If you’d like to learn more about contactless dining, you can contact us directly or schedule a demo with one of our team.

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