If you’re thinking about taking that step of investing in better technology for your restaurant or café, then an Epos system that enhances performance is the perfect solution – we are here to help you in choosing an EPoS solution.


Not only will it take you away from the old fashioned way of communicating through physically writing orders on paper, but will also make you look attractive to guests. Having a modern system in place that simplifies your work environment will make you not only appealing to guests but also your employees.


Here are some things you should consider when choosing your Epos Solution.

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Becoming Technologically Savvy 

Technology is not only just a perk in today’s world but it’s made its way into our day to day lives. From paying with a simple double click to doing online banking on our phones, technology has become a necessity we can’t live without. 

Giving people the option of contactless payment has been expected for a while now, with higher demand for it in recent years. Having this feature in your restaurant or café should therefore be on the top of your list, but what will make you stand out from others is having a modern touch screen café epos system like ours, aesthetic, functionality that will boost your bottom line and the customer experience in one.


This is an easy to use, cloud-based software so you can be sure no important information will be lost.


Storing and Analysing information

Some people may struggle with letting go of their traditional ways of writing everything down with a pen and paper; however, staying up to date with the latest technologies and popular trends is what will make your restaurant/cafe stand out. 


Storing information like bookings, important events and no shows will not only make sure you don’t miss out on any vital information, but you’ll be in a better position to analyse it. 


TapaPos has various reports that come with the software, showing real-time information. You can easily analyse this and notice any trends of months when your business is thriving and times where it’s not doing so well. This will put you in a much better place to make judgements and changes. 


The fact that our PoS solutions store all of this on a cloud means you can rest assured you won’t lose any information. It also means that everything is better organised, with less chaos than a folder full of handwritten notes would look like. 

Speed of Service

There is no doubt in saying that the speed within your business will increase since information will be easily communicated between employees and guests and also from waiters to chefs. 


There will no longer be a need to run into the kitchen asking what the specials for the day are, or what exactly is in that salad someone’s just asked about because all of this will be right in front of you on a tablet. 


Tapapos gives you the opportunity to use the software on various devices so that everyone in your company can stay connected. 


If you’re still unsure whether this system will work for you, you should start by reading up on success stories of companies like yours. TapaPos has plenty of satisfied customers, like Harry’s Shack whose business went up by 5% since using the Epos system.


If you’d like to hear more epos success stories you can do so here and if you’ve decided it’s time to try out this technological gem you can book an epos demo, completely free of charge.

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