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Owning a great hotel or restaurant is one thing, but making sure you’re following the tips to stay competitive in hospitality is what will make you stand out from the crowd – our EPoS Systems are just the trick. Knowing your competitors will give you a great advantage in foreseeing new emerging trends while focusing on making your hotel unique will draw guests to you.

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Research Your Competitors

“Keep your friends close and enemies even closer” is the golden rule behind the success of any business. While the term enemies is a bit over-exaggerated, your competitors are people who have the potential of stealing your customers, and in turn your profit.

Knowing what they’re doing and how successful they are with their strategy is a great way to keep yourself motivated and up to date. A simple way of searching your competitors is by putting yourself in the shoes of someone looking for somewhere to eat.

Modernise: Be on Track with Technological Trends

Keeping up with trends, especially those more technical ones is a huge benefit in the industry. Not only is it essential nowadays to offer contactless payment options, but it’s also attractive for customers if they see you have a simple Point of Sale system. Imagine having a lovely lunch, then at the end being told it is cash only it wouldn’t give off the best impression right? The convenience to the customer is gone, which is not what you want.

Making things as smooth as possible for customers is a service you can’t afford not to offer. You don’t want to be that’ left in the past’ restaurant that makes things difficult for people, especially if they’re going out for long-awaited special occasions and have high expectations. Making things as easy and enjoyable as possible for guests is the goal. 

Having our state of the art and industry recognised EPoS system will have that taken off your list, and now all you need to do is make your place visually appealing.


Personalise the Visit

Make the experience as unique as possible, with thoughtfully planned interior design will without a doubt make you stand out. People love details and having lots of small touches will make their experience with your cafe/restaurant memorable. 

Taking your surrounding locations into account and merging them into the design of the place goes a long way, especially for tourists. People travel to a place for the entire experience which is not only the attractions nearby but the place where they stay and eat also since that takes up a good chunk of their stay. 

Our PoS solutions are designed to compliment and blend with all interiors seamlessly. With a sleep yet robust design, our systems will help you stay competitive in design and systems.


Stay Competitive by Making Authentic Relationships.

Making your customers want to come back is key. Upon walking through the door of your restaurant, each customer should receive your staff’s attention, to ensure everyone’s experience is unique. Modernising your business comes with keeping up to date with guest feedback online and actively responding with positivity.


You want to have as much positive energy both in person and digitally. If you want to get more technical (the more the better) there are lots of customer reports available if you have a good epos system such as TapaPos. 


Paying attention to the above you will:

  • Offer a great experience in person.
  • Keep track of what people taught. 
  • Have detailed insights about what guests like and how much they spend. 

To take the first step: Modernising your business, you can book a Tapa Epos system Demo .