Service wage savings of around 30%

Overall business up 5%

Harrys Shack

Harry’s Shack is a rustic seafood restaurant right on the beautiful beach of Portstewart Strand, a sandy National Trust beach. Its fresh fish from local boats, local beers, quality wines and fabulous views make it a truly unique location on Irelands North Coast.

Owner Donal Doherty and the rest of Harry’s team, work around the clock to create a beach shack that is relaxed, atmospheric and above all, serves incredibly good food with great service.

Thinking outside the box

With much less space inside due to social distancing rules, Donal decided to expand his outside offering by installing additional tables and seating under custom-built canvas roofs. As Donal explains “with the expansion of my outside area this obviously allowed extra seating capacity but with that came its own set of problems, with tables right on the beach service was going to be much more difficult and my staffing levels would need to be increased down to the sheer size of the area we had to cover”.

“Our business had to come up with a solution that would allow us to provide the same great service,” says Donal, “We chose Tapa PoS because it provided the ability for our customers to complete orders using their phones which meant our staff had less physical contact with our customers”.

“The system is very flexible and simple to manage with menus easily added to both our till and app from the one system, we can add specials as the fish comes off the boats and they are on the app in seconds”.

With such a big outside area to cover it was important that the system was fully integrated and as Donal explains “When the customer orders it’s in the kitchen in seconds and we are confident that payment has been taken from the customer”.

Harry's Shack Tapa PoS System

The benefits are amazing

With the new Covid regulations in place, a lot of restaurants have seen a decline in sales but as Donal says himself  “Our overall business is up over 5% which is amazing considering the social distancing. A big piece of the increase seems to be people feeling safe at Harrys Shack, and the system is one big part of making people feel safe.”

Added to the benefits of increased business Donal has also seen his wage bill drop “the system has allowed us to increase our overall volume of customers versus the same period last year as well resulting in savings of around 30% on our staff wages”.

Epos Solution

Harry's Shack Exterior Tapa PoS

How We Can Help You

Our PoS systems are set up to work around exactly how you want to run your business, not the other way around and we value the importance of business relationships and helping our customers expand and flourish. There are numerous advantages that EPoS systems bring to the way that a business operates.

Donal has no problem recommending Tapa PoS to other restaurants “I wish I had installed this years ago its so revolutionary and we’ll never go back to our old service model”

To find out how Tapa PoS can help your business schedule a demo with our hospitality experts