Using EPoS for reporting is a great way to manage the everyday running of your business and maximise your EPos reports results. It is a great tool that can help employers figure out which areas of the business are working and which areas may need further improvement and attention. With the retail and hospitality sector moving towards the digital world, reports are now accessible through the revolutionary PoS systems that we are pioneering here at Tapa Pos.

Having an up-to-date Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system with contactless payment abilities among other functions is a great way to show customers that you are improving your business and systematically, their experience.

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Looking at reports may seem daunting at first, but to your surprise, you will see it is made very simple with Tapa POS! All it is, is a bunch of useful information gathered specifically to help you understand your business a little better. 

General Analytics and Accounting

The quickest and most effective way to get an overview of your business is by running a general summary report which is available on our PoS systems. Providing you with access to a birds eye overview of your business anywhere, at any time, thanks to our cloud-based function. Schedule reports for weekly or even daily reporting, never miss a thing!

Getting into a regular habit of checking this will ensure that you are not missing anything in your business. Noticing these and adhering to the system’s smart recommendations will save you both time and money, both of which are crucial to the successful operation of your business.

We believe and have witnessed first-hand with other clients that this feature allows for the consolidation of all accounting figures, staffing schedules and stock reports to name a few, in one easy to access and accurate report – without the paperwork.

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Our systems come to aid in all aspects of the day to day running of your business such as revenue, refunds and cash flow, along with general information like liabilities and assets, so you’ll be able to see all relevant accounting data. 


Booking Report and No Shows

Having information such as the number of bookings at certain points in time and the number of no-shows helps to pinpoint when a business is thriving and when it’s not doing so well and how the establishment could better organise itself in terms of bookings, times, staff and stock.

This can help determine the reasons why certain periods are less busy, and if people cancel reservations because they’re finding better places nearby. 

(It’s useful to keep track of competitors and whether they’re taking steps towards technological advancements so that you can be a step ahead and make sure you’re equally as attractive to your customers.)

Maximise Your Customer Spend Report

Knowing your customers is key! 

Using a customer spend report, you can easily find out which days are most profitable for your business along with the most popular tables and even how much each customer spends. Our smart software also has a customer loyalty function that can track what the customer had and prompt your servers to push extra sides and drinks.  

This feature is a great way to get to know your customers and notice trends and patterns of expenditure and visits and remember occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries for that extra mile customer experience that you are striving for. 



Pay Attention to Detail

Noticing new patterns and paying attention to trends like sales, customers and popular times can be highly beneficial. Within hospitality, knowing what to look out for in specific months, such as December, means there is no chaos when the time comes, (and anybody working in hospitality around December knows exactly what this means.) 

Comparing previous months and years with the increase of customers over time not only improves predictability but makes the business more organised and gives the bonus of predicting the staff required for the extra busy times so that you are never left understaffed.


Know When to Make Changes

Knowing your target audience is the first step, as it helps in understanding your customers’ expectations. Researching your competitors and keeping track of what they’re doing to attract customers will help you stay motivated. Staying up to date with social media trends and general things that are popular is also a great way to move forward.

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If you find yourself constantly dissatisfied with the outcome of the reports that you are currently manually generating, it might mean it’s time for an upgrade. At Tapa POS, we have a proven track record in assisting clients in streamlining their business processes and in turn boosting their bottom line.

We proudly support local businesses in the UK & Northern Ireland hospitality and retail sector and would be excited and proud for you to be our next success story.