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Table Ordering is here to stay

As we all prepare for the new normal, to help get the Hospitality Industry back on its feet, contactless Table Ordering is key and is set to shape the future of Hospitality forever. Your restaurant needs a QR Code Ordering System.

Accessed by simply scanning a QR code, there is no complex setup required. Here at Tapa POS, we provide you with everything you need to get you up and running immediately.

Table Ordering System QR Code at Bunk

Benefits of Table Ordering Systems

1. Simple for customers to use


Our At Table Ordering feature is simple for customers to use. By scanning the QR Code on their own device, customers can easily navigate and browse your menu, customise orders and pay. You can even upsell with featured daily specials and discounted items.


The best thing about Tapa POS for customers is that it does not require them to download an app to order and pay, which means more people can use it. Each table or room has a unique QR code, when the customer scans it, they are taken to the order page already pre-set with the table ID number.

2. Seamless PoS Integration


Fully integrated with Tapa POS, meaning there is no server interaction required. When an order is placed through Table Ordering, it is automatically sent to the KDS or bar till. The order does not need to be intercepted and input onto the till manually, saving you time and money. POS & printer integration, making your life simpler!


3. Save Time & Money

Donal from Harry’s Shack has seen his wage bill drop “the system has allowed us to increase our overall volume of customer versus the same period last year as well resulting in savings of around 30% on our staff wages”.

Cafe PoS Solution
At Table Ordering PoS

4. Reduce Errors and Increase Spend


It’s a busy day, orders are flying, seats are filling up, mistakes can happen! Reduce errors by allowing customers to customise and create their own orders. How many times have you got to the till and can’t understand your own handwriting, you continue assuming you know which sauce they chose, only to find out it’s the wrong one! Customers are guided through the entire process, from selecting cooking preferences were necessary to choosing sauce choices.

5. How does Table Ordering work?


  • Your customers arrive and are seated by staff.
  • There’s a QR code on their table which they can scan using their own phone.
  • The code directs them to your menu where they can browse at their leisure.
  • Once ready, they order their food and/or drink and pay!
  • Their order is sent directly to the KDS or Bar Till.
  • Staff have more time to interact and build relationships with your customers, ensuring their dining experience has been great.
  • Better dining experience = more likely to return and tell a friend!

    From Hotels, Restaurants, Bars to Cafés, hospitality businesses rely on Tapa POS!

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    Choose The Right EPoS System For You

    As a business owner, you need an EPoS System that is ready to take on anything and everything. An EPoS System that suits your needs, tailored to you. Tapa POS is the one for you! Contact our team and schedule a Demo with us today. Let our team show you how Table Ordering can change your business.