There are numerous functions available in epos software, and it is not uncommon for business owners to get overwhelmed and pick software that does not meet their needs – a situation you do not want to find yourselves in. A single point-of-sale system cannot be used for all sorts of businesses.

Retailers must select and purchase the best POS systems for their specific business. A restaurant requires a POS with an additional function, our expert team can help you find the right solution for your businesses unique needs.

Remember that the impact of EPOS on the firm is entirely dependent on the features chosen. The company must look for EPOS that meets industry standards. It will simplify their work while also increasing revenue.

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The following are some of the features of the best POS systems we have to offer at TapaPos


Billing and order processing

When purchasing an epos system, it must include the essential tasks of order processing and billing. The epos system must have the ability to scan products and bill orders. It should also include a variety of payment options. It should also print the order receipt, reprint the receipt if necessary, and mail the printed receipt to the consumer. It should also include every detail for that specific order, such as discounts, client name, address, special message, and salesman’s name.


Monitoring and reporting on sales

The retail epos system must generate a report based on the results. Depending on the data, the system should be able to provide weekly, monthly, yearly, and hourly reports. The management can display their level of achievement in their firm with the use of the report. Some retail POS systems have additional capabilities or modules, such as forecasting and predicting seasonal demand based on historical data. It also provides statistics on stock management and the results of undesirable products.


Inventory control

One of the most significant features in modern POS systems is stock management. Provide detailed information about each store’s inventory, including outbound and inbound inventory. The system can trace the movement of each SKU and has a lot of stock management features. The system must have the ability to automatically modify stock levels by viewing and recording changes in stock levels, you can read more on this in our EPoS and Stock control article.


Management of employees

Epos software can keep track of and manage the company’s workforce. The personnel management function allows you to keep track of your employees’ working hours and sales/upselling on the floor. This information can be used to determine the staff’s productivity. The transactions can be linked to tracking the activities of the employees. The top and worst performers of the week can be found here. You can also take steps to boost the efficiency of your staff.

Loyalty schemes include

The EPoS software solutions that we have to offer at Tapa PoS can be used to track loyalty bonuses. It contributes to increased client retention. When you give your customers prizes or points, they will return to your store and buy from you again. The loyalty function is a separate module. Customer data and purchase history can be saved in the system, allowing you to personalise the customer’s buying experience. It has the potential to be used in marketing as well.



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