Haven’t you heard? The standard checkout till is so last year! So don’t miss out on the hot new trend that is – Electronic point of sales (EPoS) systems. EPoS systems are vital to the smooth day-to-day operations of retail businesses. Read on to find out how EPoS systems work and how they could help your business today.

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What is an EPoS System?


Essentially, an EPoS system is a modernised version of the traditional ‘cash register,’ with enhanced and sophisticated features appropriate for today’s retail industry. Where the traditional cash register only records sales, EPoS systems not only record transactional information but can also generate detailed reports in response to the input data.


These reports can assist retailers and help enhance and modify their business tactics. In addition, recording sales, inventory management, personnel planning, and loyalty schemes are among the other functions that can be implemented.

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EPoS Systems Then & Now

Up until recent years, a point-of-sale system was in its most basic form, a cash register. Cash registers could not store any information and everything had to be manually entered.


As EPoS systems evolved they became more and more computerised. This means they could store a product in the database through a PC server. They would often include a barcode scanner that said goodbye to manual price entries and ultimately sped up the checkout process monumentally.


These days, EPoS systems have gotten even more sophisticated and many retailers are moving towards this more advanced, cloud-based PoS system, where data can be stored online.


How do EPoS systems work?

EPoS systems work similarly to classic till systems. All you have to do is install the PoS software which establishes a system that allows you to make sales while also recording your entire transactions history.


EPoS software works by storing your information on the cloud. This allows you to access this information anywhere, at any time.


The beauty of an EPoS System is that it allows you to build a system that meets the needs of your business and it can grow as you grow by simply adding more hardware and employees as needed.

EPoS Systems allows retailers to efficiently manage the day to day running of their business, not only through processing transactions but accurately managing inventory through providing real-time reports.

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