All around the country, hospitality venues have begun to reopen their doors. Day-to-day tasks of running a hospitality business resume, as pubs and bars return to normal. These can be addressed in a more innovative and efficient manner.

Stock management is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the hospitality industry. A stock check in a bar/pub is an unavoidable task.

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EPoS Solutions

For Stock Control

Present systems

Many bars currently conduct stock checks by methodically counting every item in every storage location by hand. After that, someone from the company must take everything that has been written down by hand and convert it into a usable spreadsheet. The time spent processing this data could be better spent on something else.

Stock takes and stock management can be made as easy as possible with modern Bar EPoS systems. EPoS technology can update stock levels in the venue in real-time, as well as inform personnel when items are running short and need to be refilled. An EPoS System will always know where an item is being taken from because it can be organised by venue.

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Tiers of location

While there have been advancements in stock control, systems that smoothly link inventory management with payment systems to enable tremendous in-depth control are rare. The most cutting-edge stock systems can prioritise different storage locations within the venue so that when the stock behind the bar is fully depleted, the system knows where the next stock is coming from and can provide an accurate report of stock levels in different rooms. 


How are employees now involved?

Without an EPoS system, employees spend many hours checking every item, making sure everything is recorded on paper. This can require a lot of time and resources that could be better used elsewhere in the business. Staff do not have to continually check stock levels on orders taken through a terminal (or a portable device) with our EPoS because the system does it for them automatically.

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When are you going to take measurements?

Stock inspections are not carried out every day at bars and pubs. We agree that having a member of staff conduct daily checks would be ineffective. An EPoS system can deduct products from the stock automatically in real-time. After an order has been processed, the ingredients or goods utilised to fulfil it are deducted from the total stock level. Stock levels are automatically monitored in real-time, giving you a more accurate picture of what is held. 


Stock is automatically ordered

It’s crucial to make sure everything is in order when welcoming visitors back into hospitality locations. Many clients have placed orders with waiters in the past, only to have them return and apologise because the item they purchased is no longer available. This is far from ideal, but it is easily prevented. Every item can have a countdown setup which shows the member of staff when it falls below a certain threshold, allowing you to re-order items or substitute them with a new product. 


Inventory management

Stock levels are effortlessly processed by all of our hardware thanks to Tapa PoS. So, regardless of how many ordering devices you have in your venue, orders placed on handheld devices will update stock levels at the same time as orders placed on the main PoS terminal.

With intuitive inbuilt barcode scanners, our handheld devices can help simplify the process of adding items to the back office when it comes to stock checks. Once a barcode is scanned for an item, it may be added to the stock management system with little involvement from the employee.

If your hospitality business is still utilising obsolete software, now is the time to upgrade to a system that will save you both time and money. Our stock management system has been designed to be as user-friendly and as convenient as possible.


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