The secret to successful restaurants is their ability to remain organised and keep up with industry demands. In order to do so, technology advancements are a necessary asset for the hospitality sector. In this article, we will discuss how restaurants are becoming more high-tech with epos software

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The restaurant environment has changed in a way where we, as consumers, want efficiency. We have changed what we eat, how we eat and where we eat it. The term fast food has dramatically impacted our habits; we want our food faster and don’t want to wait long.

We want to have various options like delivery, takeaway and indoor dining. Alongside this, we have this demand to have the food meet our taste preferences and expectations.

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What can restaurants do to keep up? The shifts in demand correlate with emerging trends in technology.

If technology can simplify our lives and make everyday living more efficient, then it can make the dining experience more seamless and memorable. Here are some ways restaurants are becoming more high-tech.

Touchscreen Point Of Sale Terminals

New innovative options for point-of-sale technology seek to redefine the customer experience. One such example is touchscreen point of sale terminals. Their sleek design does not compromise durability as they are made to withstand the rigorous hospitality industry. They ensure that you and your staff are always operating efficiently whilst serving guests. 

Technology Advancements like an EPoS system are crucial to the hospitality sector as they can make or break your production line. From face-to-face service, touchscreen terminals are powered by EpOS software with the user experience in mind.

They have an easy-to-learn interface so that staff and new hires can learn the use quickly and simply. Additionally, touchscreen POS terminals can also simplify the ordering process as more orders can be placed efficiently, which generates more revenue. 

Most importantly, the best POS terminals can take card and mobile payments via a reader. They would enable payments that require NFC, or Near Field Communication, such as Android Pay and Apple Pay, Visa and Mastercard.


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Handheld Point Of Sale

Another EPoS hospitality necessity is the handheld point-of-sale systems. They allow customers to order and pay at their table. Waiters are able to do all their tasks without running to and from the table. Servers are able to improve speed and delivery, as well as table turnover.

Guests spend less time ordering their food and even less time waiting for their food and bill. Handheld POS systems allow for more customers to be served in the establishment.

At-Table Ordering

At-table ordering became a large technological advancement for the hospitality industry once indoor dining resumed due to Covid-19. This is where customers are able to use their own mobile devices to order and pay at the table without having to download an app and leaving their table.

When restaurants were forced to close during the pandemic, many hospitality staff were laid-off temporarily. When restaurant dining resumed, in order to meet demands, there had to be new systems in place that were both covid-compliant and efficient.

Having a seamless EPoS system that integrates the consumer and the kitchen not only gives an efficient dining experience but increases revenue with smart upselling features from a contactless mobile platform. Technology Advancements are making restaurants thrive.

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