EPoS Advantages

The advantages of at table ordering are endless.

Restaurant and café experience and standards are changing, and while you may think making customers order themselves is not deemed professional, customers are enjoying it. Being able to customise their orders, easily order at their leisure and have a reduced wait time on ordering is a huge bonus. Epos systems for takeaway and table ordering are more popular than ever before. 


When choosing where to go out for food, whether it be to catch up with a group of friends or a romantic dinner with your partner, people are searching for new ways of dining. Offering something different goes a long way, and one great way of doing this is offering table ordering. 


Upon arrival, guests can have a look at the menu using a QR code, which offers a techy experience loved by the new generations. They can then browse in their own time without any sense of pressure to order right away. 


When ready, all it takes is to click a few buttons on-screen and a notification is sent to the chefs of your food order, while the drinks are sent to the bar staff.

The Advantages Of EPOS Systems

The Advantages of At Table Ordering

Easy to Use for Customers

Most people in this generation are well familiar with using a mobile phone, and if there’s someone who isn’t, there’s always an accompanying person who can do the ordering. 

Using epos software, it’s just as simple as ordering clothes or anything else online and it avoids the hassle of waiting for a waiter.

You can easily scan through the menu options, along with the specials and all of the drinks available. If you’ve made a mistake, simply remove it with a click of a button. 

Offering at table ordering for your customers means they have much more time and flexibility. It’s also great for those that are nervous about ordering from a waiter or afraid to make changes once they’ve decided on a meal. 


Accessing the menu options on the screen means you can change, alter and delete until you’re satisfied and ready to order.


PoS Integration 

At Tapa PoS, the table ordering system is synched with the point-of-sale, meaning all order information is automatically visible on all devices. Orders are printed in the kitchen and are visible to all waiting staff, with all transactions recorded in a report. 


Scan and Order

With Tapa PoS there is no need to download a separate app, it’s as simple as scanning the QR code and instantly being able to browse through your options. A great café epos system can make the customer experience much more seamless and efficient. 


Ability to Increase Spend

With everything directly in front of the customer, it’s easy for them to see all relevant information at any given time. Extras will be visible in every order along with questions at the end regarding any additional sides or cooking preferences.  


This will ensure all customers are asked the same questions which could result in everyone ordering that little extra amount. 


Cafes and restaurants are loving this PoS system as it’s proven to increase customer spend and customer satisfaction. 


If you’d like to take the plunge and try this out at your business, be sure to book a demo with our experienced sales team.

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