The first point of sale (POS) system, from IBM, was developed in 1973, though it is 1994 that is remembered in the EPoS realm. A retailer in California decided that the options available to him were not flexible enough and he set out to design EPoS software that would run a Microsoft Windows platform.

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The Beginning of EPoS…

Beginning in retail, the cash register has evolved from the beginning and now runs on the most advanced cloud-based platforms, allowing for service, even during internet outages.


Hospitality EPoS drives the industry forward, aiding in bookkeeping, stock tracking, employee training, customer engagement, reports and table management, the list just keeps going. EPoS has had a remarkable impact on the industry that managers, employees and customers alike are thankful for.


Accessibility is key, providing owners and managers in the industry the freedom to access necessary, important information from anywhere at any time proves to be a lucrative business asset, especially in the online ordering world.


These reports can assist retailers and help enhance and modify their business tactics. In addition, recording sales, inventory management, personnel planning, and loyalty schemes are among the other functions that can be implemented.

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The All-in-one EPoS System

Our EPoS solution will be the new centre of your business, connecting you to your team, menus and customers. Allowing you the power to manage your working day and businesses function from anywhere, at any time. Our cloud-based solution is leading the way, with access to rota’s, reports, staff records and everything to do with the running of your business.


People Management

Hospitality is an industry that changes like the wind. The challenge that comes with hospitality, is the management of employees, tracking staff requests, organising rotas and dealing with employees that are late, sick or covering a shift. It can get overwhelming.


Streamline Processes With EPoS

Our EPoS system is transforming the hospitality industry. Allowing business owners and managers to have a birds-eye view of the staff force, FOH, BOH, delivery schedules and the list goes on. Streamlining your processes that normally would take hours, giving you back the freedom to focus on other areas of the business that need the attention while the advanced software projects wages and other staffing costs for you.


Table Management

Managing tables is one of the most stressful tasks that managers face daily. Remember; table turnover effectively equals profit. 


Time is money in this instance. Having a state-of-the-art EPoS system gives you a snapshot of the restaurant at all times. With the ability to change the floor plan and the tracking of customers’ time on the table, you can see who needs to pay, who is about to leave and who is about to arrive. 


EPoS software works by storing your information on the cloud. This allows you to access this information anywhere, at any time.


The beauty of an EPoS System is that it allows you to build a system that meets the needs of your business and it can grow as you grow by simply adding more hardware and employees as needed.


While our systems do all of this, it is also cataloguing information from your customers’ orders, it will formulate reports that highlight the best-selling items, average spend and times on tables to show you where you could be upselling, cutting down and ultimately giving you recommendations on how you can boost your bottom line.


At Tapa PoS, we have developed a world-leading cloud-based epos solution that is ready to adapt to the ever-changing, fast-paced industry that is hospitality. Investing in EPoS software is the best course of action, not only freeing up time to focus on areas of the business that need it but if you are looking for support in your decision making and hope to scale your business. EPoS systems give you an edge that helps you to dominate the competition.


EPoS Systems allows retailers to efficiently manage the day to day running of their business, not only through processing transactions but accurately managing inventory through providing real-time reports.

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Contact TAPA PoS. TAPA PoS gives your business the technology you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment. They offer a complete EPoS system that is easy to use and can scale with your business. Complete with cloud-based reports that are accessible in real-time. This beautifully designed hardware from TAPA PoS withstands the rigours of both the hospitality and retail industries.


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