Knowing more about your customer is always beneficial to your business and our epos software gives you a connection to your customer like never before, allowing you to improve customer experience dramatically.


The multi functional EPoS software that we offer at TapaPos offer excellent opportunities to implement high quality processes in your business, streamlining your workforce systems and overall boosting your bottom line, giving you back your time to focus on other parts of the business that need attention.


Processing Payments


In the hospitality industry, no matter how good an experience a customer has had, there will be frustration if there is a delay in settling their bill. A great customer experience in hospitality always ends with a quick and efficient process of paying over a short chat of how they found everything. Ensuring that your customers are happy when they are leaving your establishment is essential for customer loyalty.


We have moved over the past two years – mostly due to the pandemic – to a ‘cashless society’, with this shift in purchasing behaviour, having a platform that accepts a wide array of payment methods is essential in staying competitive and in meeting customer expectations as well. 


With the rise in the usage of payment applications on mobile devices such as Apple Pay, there is a chance that a customer doesn’t have their physical card on them, we have the strategy for this in our point of sale solution, covering all bases in terms of payment and safe guard you against losing revenue, we also have our new gift card option, as well as a QR system should you require it.

Inventory Tracking


When a customer is out, they may have checked out your menu online before coming in to you and had their eye on a particular item on your menu. A customer can unfortunately very quickly form a negative opinion about your establishment if they are let down with their choice not being available. At TapaPos, we have a solution to this with our inventory control system. 


With the ability to log and track your stock and align it with live sales data, you will never run out of anything again without a lot of prior warning as you can program repeat orders when stock reaches a certain level. This also saves time with staff having to scour the building counting stock and then placing orders manually.


This means a happy customer, as well as more sales for your business – a win-win situation.


The Loyal Customer


If you are hoping to deploy a customer loyalty scheme and keep them up to date with the latest menu changes and weekly specials, then you can get them to opt in with their email. Not only will this give you a direct line of communication with your customers for retention purposes, but it will also add an element of convenience for them as you will be able to send them a copy of their receipt for example.


The state of the art POS system also allows for personalised discounts, for example, you could set it up that on their 10th visit, they receive a 30% discount on their bill or the system would alert you to their birthday for a discount, or a personalised service.


As well as targeting your already existing customers, you will have an angle to turn one time customers into loyal ones with a well developed email marketing campaign that highlights events coming up and entertainment that might be coming to your establishment.


At TapaPos, we are pioneering the future of the EPoS market in Northern Ireland, and are on a mission to improve customer experience with our award winning solutions that are in use in thousands of hospitality businesses across the country. We are thankful for the support so far and aim to improve our PoS systems continuously as we work with all of our loyal customers in improving the customer experience together.