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There are numerous advantages that EPoS systems bring to the way that a business operates. The benefits are not only to a business’s bottom line, but also two key components, the staff that work there and the customers who eat there.

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Staff Benefits

A successful hospitality team requires a combination of a team effort from dedicated employees and a great PoS system in place. Tapa PoS has been providing systems for over 40 years and the businesses that we have helped are just the beginning of our goals.

Giving your employees the tools they need to succeed, encourages them to perform their best for the restaurant and its customers, allowing the business to thrive.

With Tapa PoS, staff can be trained within minutes to become familiar with the restaurant’s PoS system, it will help them increase efficiency, save time, and eliminate errors that benefit work ethic and customer experience as well as increase sales.

Each employee may log into the restaurant PoS system with a unique passcode, allowing them to keep track of all transactions and orders. Tipping is a common practice in the UK restaurant culture, and Tapa’s PoS system will assist you in keeping track of tips for employee distribution, as well as being able to identify top performers on the floor on any given shift.

Setting up a restaurant PoS system for placing orders improves accuracy and offers workers access to data for making recommendations (which means more sales). For instance, whether a specific item is in excess or if it complements what the customer is presently ordering. Employees don’t have to rely on memory for suggestions when using Tapa’s PoS system, the software does it for you, prompting your staff.

Our mobile PoS devices can be used to take orders and payments at the table. A café PoS system organises orders and sends them straight to the kitchen, increasing efficiency and speed. Happier employees work harder and enjoy work which in turn, reduces staff turnover.

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Benefits to Customers

Repeat customers, more sales, and a more profitable restaurant are all results of happy customers. This can be made even simpler with the introductory of Tapa PoS into your business.

A few reasons that customers benefit from a cafe PoS system is because it provides them with a personalised experience, boosting their likelihood of returning and referring your business to others.

Tapa’s PoS system can assist with table and floor management, allowing customers to wait as short a time as possible, as well as assisting in turning tables due to the seamless execution.

Orders can be placed more efficiently and quickly with the mobile integration of At Table Ordering. If an item is unavailable, your employees will be aware and can recommend a suitable substitute or even better for business, upsell particular items.

Dietary restrictions and preferences can be accommodated, and orders will reach the kitchen faster, reducing the wait time for food. There are so many payment options that are available to customers, providing them with flexibility.

With the support of PoS systems, restaurateurs can develop customer loyalty programmes and execute promotions and incentives that will better the business performance and function. Customers are more likely to return if you have a customer loyalty programme in place.

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Contact TAPA PoS. TAPA PoS gives your business the technology you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment. They offer a complete EPoS system that is easy to use and can scale with your business. Complete with cloud-based reports that are accessible in real-time. This beautifully designed hardware from TAPA PoS withstands the rigours of both the hospitality and retail industries.


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