Having a great café or restaurant is one thing, but knowing how to attract people to your restaurant is another thing. Customers are always on the lookout for nice experiences and unique places where they can spend their weekends or catch up with friends. Having a great epos system will tick a lot of boxes for your customers by providing quicker service, seamless transactions, reducing wait time and putting the customer in control with features such as ‘At Table’ ordering. 


When thinking about ways of attracting people to your cafe, you should consider what works for you. Everyone knows how big the world of social media has grown over the recent years, therefore offering free wi-fi is a must-have. 


Alongside this, you will want to have things that make the experience pleasant and memorable. Below are a few things that will help you attract people to your cafe or restaurant. 

The Advantages Of EPOS Systems

How Offering Free Wi-fi is Attracting People

We all know that a huge number of customers dining out recently will use some form of social media when they are out and about, whether this is checking in on Facebook, uploading an Instagram story whilst tagging their friends and location or even vlogging their day. Taking this into consideration, providing free wi-fi is the smartest thing you can do, free marketing from paying, and satisfied customers is a good review.


This not only promotes your business physically but opens the conversation about people’s experiences at your venue. Social media marketing can hit an audience you never knew you needed to reach, it’s free marketing from happy customers. 


It’s a win-win for both. 

Giveaway Vouchers 

Everybody loves a free giveaway, especially if it’s for a free meal. Giveaways are a great way to promote your café or restaurant, and what better thing to give than gift vouchers? You can now get an epos system that has gift vouchers interlinked within, therefore they can be purchased online and redeemed in-store which makes the process a lot easier. 


Giving one voucher away in the competition will open doors to more people wanting them, the more shares and comments equal increased followers and new customers. Not only are you gathering interest in the competition you are also marketing your Gift vouchers.


Some customers may not be aware this is a feature you provide. When creating your competition post, include some benefits of Gift vouchers, i.e., available online 24/7, drop the link to purchase Gift vouchers. You can read more on gaining customers through gift vouchers in our recent blog.

Attracting people with Live Music

Providing some form of entertainment will encourage people to pick your café or restaurant over another, as they can get food and drink on top of listening to some great music. Giving people lots of reasons to visit is a great place to start.

At Table Ordering

Offering great entertainment to people will certainly attract them to your place, however, the functionality of ordering plays an important role too. Tapa PoS offers cafes and restaurants the new and modern technology of offering ‘At Table’ Ordering for their customers. 


While you can still chat with customers, they have full freedom to pick and choose their order at their convenience which makes the ordering and serving system seamless and error-free.

Investing in a cafe epos system will go a long way, as you can get the added features of gift vouchers and ‘At Table’ ordering checked off your list-making your café or restaurant a modern and technologically savvy place to go. 

Knowing what’s attracting people to cafés and restaurants nowadays is the key in understanding what you need to do to improve your business.


Now all you need is some good entertainment whilst making sure people can Instagram it! 


To get an insight into the new technology, be sure to view an epos system demo. 

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