It’s a no-brainer that people are choosing restaurants that are aesthetically nice and also offer great food. Along with this comes good service without which both things are of no use. This is where Table Management with epos system comes in.


There would be no point in ordering an amazing meal for it to arrive late due to bad organisation of staff which is where epos systems come into play. 


Having a great system which makes workflow easier and more efficient is key to running a successful restaurant especially that there are so many things to remember. 


Below are some ways in which table management using an epos system will improve your business and make it an attractive spot for people to visit, and also to work in. 

Hospitality staff doing Table management

Using Table Management to stay on top of Service

Using easily readable and visually understandable graphics, Tapapos PoS system comes with a table management system which shows you the layout of all your tables with according numbers. 

Using colour codes, each occupied table is easily seen on screen so you can always make sure you have enough staff on the floor to serve the seated customers. 

Along with this, you can keep track of what course each table is currently on which is a game changer in the hospitality industry. If you’ve ever worked within the sector you’ll know how important it is to inform chefs when a table finishes their starters in order for them to start preparing the main course. 

Old times of having to spy on customers to figure out if they’re near finished are behind and a new system is in place to make things much simpler. 

Along with this you’ll also see if orders have been taken at a table so you’ll never have to double check to make sure customers have been taken care of- this is bound to make their experience smoother.

Manage Bills using Table Management

During order taking, everything is recorded on a device meaning there’s less chance of mistakes since there is no handwriting to be read and possibly misunderstood. 


You can easily manage bills for each table since all totals are added up and ready to be processed when the customers are finished. There’s no need for any calculator to work with Tapapos since everything is done through the system. 


This PoS system also allows people to easily split the bill, which makes life so much easier for those going out for get-togethers. You can easily press to split the bill halfway, quarter way or even one fifth or sixth way. 


Giving your customers easy options means they have to think less, making their experience a whole lot smoother. 


As you can see, having a great ePoS system in place is a must within the hospitality industry and more restaurants are implementing this within their business. 


It’s proven to be so successful by so many, and people are loving the smoothness of their dining experiences. 


If you’d like to give an ePoS system a go, you can book a demo today. 

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