Best EPoS Systems for Restaurants

Hospitality is back and off to a flying start. Tapa PoS can take your business to the next level with our restaurant EPoS solutions.

Restaurant PoS Systems

Hospitality is back and off to a flying start with the best EPoS systems for restaurants guiding the way through this! Even the horrendous weather in the easing of lockdown didn’t stop the masses from enjoying a meal amidst a buzzing atmosphere. With the staffing crisis in the hospitality industry causing havoc, it means restaurants are having to adapt to a new way of working as things can get pretty chaotic rather quickly if not properly managed due to the shortage. Enter the restaurant PoS systems.

We have the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes and on all budgets – The best EPoS system for the hospitality industry has landed and is making waves – Tapa PoS are putting business owners and managers minds at ease.

Tapa PoS Supplies The Best Restaurant PoS Systems

Tapa provides the EPoS/PoS systems. Tapa PoS offers a top-quality EPoS System for Restaurants, we know the Restaurant industry. Being in the Hospitality Industry ourselves we know which features can help make your day-to-day business seamless and less stressful.

Best PoS for Restaurants
Best EPoS System for Restaurants for Table Planning

Benefits of PoS Software

1. Boost Your Business and Customer Loyalty


Every restaurant owner or member of staff understands how critical table management is. The slightest mix-up can wreak havoc upon any service. Tapa PoS can help ensure that your restaurant always runs as smoothly as possible, with its built-in restaurant table management software, customer service will hit new levels. Tapa restaurant PoS lets you design a restaurant floor plan, take orders by the table and move tables around freely based on bookings.

Point of sale benefits the whole service, as service then, as a function becomes seamless. Small businesses especially in this trying staff shortage crisis will benefit majorly from our point of sale revolution, with restaurant management taking a huge step into the future.

2. PoS Systems For Restaurants – Till Systems


Some restaurants have begun placing time limits on each table to help get as many heads through the door as possible. Therefore, it is crucial that table turnover is managed effectively and efficiently, with customer experience in mind. Table management is a breeze with Tapa PoS system, helping staff manage table bookings during busy periods whilst providing a speedy service.


Tapa PoS’s restaurant point of sale systems help your staff serve more customers in less time, with online ordering capabilities as well, if that is something that you offer. With a simple and clean user interface, Tapa PoS allows transactions to go through quickly and smoothly with the press of a few buttons. It also comes with a built-in split-payment option.

Best EPoS System for Splitting Bills
Best EPoS for Hospitality and Retail

3. The Top Restaurant PoS Systems For At Table Ordering


The Covid-19 pandemic has catapulted digital technology such as mobile ordering into full fruition. Tapa offers a PoS system you can rely on, as well as allowing you to offer your customers a safer and more efficient way to order and pay, with handsfree payment processing, we are proud to offer the best pos on the market with a game changing management system.


They simply have to scan the QR code with their own device at their table. When they place the order it goes straight to your table management system enabling full integration with ease.


EPoS software in hospitality is the future, as they are in many other industries, so book your free demo, whether you are a small business or a large business, the possibilities and the growth opportunities are endless when you streamline your resources and give yourself time back to focus on areas of the business that really need it. Even the best restaurant in town can benefit from this real time, cloud based PoS solution.

4. EPoS Statistics – The Reviews Speak For Themselves


With Tapa PoS you can run your reports from anywhere. Giving intuitive reporting and key insights at your fingertips. Everything from an email report to a detailed analysis of how a specific product contributes to your GP, it really is the best restaurant PoS feature, allowing you to view all of this information in real time and access it anywhere with the cloud based access. 

The reviews that Tapa PoS are receiving are life-changing, with improved efficiency and productivity, businesses can focus their time on problem areas and let the day to day niggles take care of themselves – the other EPoS systems really don’t compare, the leading restaurant pos.

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The Best PoS Systems For Restaurants

The Game-Changing Restaurant EPoS System – It Is Great, The Others Do Not Compare

Our EPoS is one of the best restaurant epos solutions in Covid-19 because of its ease of use and integration capabilities. It not only assists staff with tableside ordering, but it also interfaces with booking systems and delivery applications, allowing you to make the most of being out of lockdown while still keeping guests and employees safe.

Our EPoS has extensive stock-taking features that can help you keep track of your expenses if you’re working with tight margins. Meanwhile, the option to automate purchase orders will help you relax while you focus on keeping your Covid-secured business safe.

Keeping track of what your clients order and don’t order is crucial to a restaurant’s success. You’ll be able to monitor what’s selling and what’s not with our EPoS systems in-depth reporting options, as well as when the best times are to run promotions, such as dedicating a day of the week to a specific dish.

There’s also synchronisation between the front and back of the house, kitchen management functions, and the Deputy workplace management system. When you consider all of this, it’s easy to see why our EPoS system is at the top of the range in the sector.

You know your business and here at Tapa, we know hardware. So, whether it’s touch screens, handheld terminals, kitchen screens, kitchen printers, receipt printers, cash drawers or peripherals we have it all. Tapa PoS can help take your restaurant to the next level. 


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