"It's been very well received by our customers."

"It is instant and very user friendly."

The Yellow Door

The Yellow Door, which is owned by Simon Dougan and his business partner Barry Smyth, who previously held a Michelin star, beat off stiff competition to win a five-year contract providing all the catering services at the newly refurbished Hillsborough Castle, the Queen’s official residence in Northern Ireland.

Set in 100 acres of beautiful gardens the Yellow Door operates table-service offering breakfast, hot lunches, light bites, delicious soups and chowder, food for kids and a range of hot and cold drinks, with the choice of tables indoors or outside on the terrace overlooking the manicured gardens.

Overcoming Obstacles

The coronavirus outbreak has left restaurants and cafés across the world reeling as social distancing guidelines have forced many to close their doors. The more inventive operators have responded to the challenge and have come up with new ways to serve their customers.

Barry Smyth explained that due to “New regulations on social distancing and the need to control and minimise the movement of people in our café meant we had to look at a system that would allow customers to order and pay directly from their own smartphones while avoiding touching physical menus and limiting their interactions with wait staff”

With a number of options available on the market, Barry explained that he “liked the fact that customers don’t have to download an app, they just scan the QR code on the table. It is instant and very user friendly”

Barry Smyth at the Yellow Door

Streamlining the Order Process

In addition to ordering food and beverage selections, customers can order additional items whenever and as often as they like while in any of the dining areas, without needing to interact with staff members. The At Table Ordering app also allows for special requests and as Barry says “It’s been very well received by our customers”

“The back office is so easy to use and menus can be timed for breakfast and lunch. Because we can customise our menus daily our average customer spend has increased by approx. 20% and by being able to edit and add menu items in real time our wastage has decreased to less than 5%”

“Average customer spend has increased by approx 20%”

Hospitality ePoS systems

Yellow Door Tapa POS

How we can help you

Our PoS systems are set up to work around exactly how you want to run your business, not the other way around and we value the importance of business relationships and helping our customers expand and flourish.

In his final interview comment, Barry explained his motivations for recommending Tapa PoS to other businesses as a technology partner “The help desk has been very responsive and any teething problems were easily worked out”

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