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Tapa PoS is the future! 

The EPoS, PoS System Changing Everything

In a fast paced and ever changing world, keep up to date and boost your bottom line.

  • Easy-to-use software that can scale with your business
  • Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time
  • Easy to set up and train staff
  • Beautifully designed hardware that withstands rigours of the Hospitality and the Retail Industry
  • Your Complete PoS System
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Speed of Service

Quick customer service is vital in the Hospitality industry. With fast and easy to use menu screens, Tapa PoS can handle the busiest of venues effortlessly. 

Easy Interface

The user interface is simple yet powerful, combining intuitive features that simplify operations and lets you get your team up and running in no time. Complete EPoS solutions for complete control of your business.

Robust & Reliable

We teach you how to set up our epos system so that you can confidently keep your business running, even if your connection goes down. Tapa PoS will run undisturbed.


Strong security features help secure your cash and stock and enable you to keep control of your business. 

The Best EPOS System UK wide

The hospitality sector got hit hard in the pandemic, overwhelming and ever changing restrictions, the introduction of the jab for entry and the very apparent lack of staff alongside stocking supply issues All of this taken into account, there really has never been a better time to get the best PoS System in hospitality installed. Our PoS systems are changing the way that managers run establishments as well as the way that staff work, overall creating a better customer experience.

  • One-year Free Warranty
  • Improved Staff Efficiency
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Cloud Based
  • Increased Revenue
  • Stress Reduction
Best Restaurant EPoS System
Restaurant EPoS System

The Strengths Of A  Point of Sale System

1. Stock Management

Constantly counting the stock can be an absolute nightmare of a job, with our EPoS solution, the job becomes a breeze. From the first time that you order, it meticulously counts the small measures of each spirit used in the 700 cocktails you sold over the weekend so that you don’t have to, and even better than any other system, it gives you data for reordering. Our industry leading real time software, streamlined touch screen sales system tracks everything at the touch of a button, right down to the last tonic in the building – but it would never let you get that low.

2. The Look and Extra Features

EPoS Systems are the less is more approach and beautifully blend into the aesthetics to perfectly fit in with your restaurant, in a subtle way. Allow your staff to get chatting with customers for longer, build relationships and encourage repeat custom. The state of the art software allows your staff to serve your customers quicker, which in turn accumulate larger bills, more revenue for the business and very satisfied customers.


Strengths PoS

  • Inventory Management
  • Allergen Information to hand
  • Sales and Revenue Tracking
  • Menu Analysis
  • Upselling Prompts
  • Takeaway Ordering System
    Touch Screen Tills Ireland EPoS

    3. At Table Ordering


    Restaurant EPoS systems are an amazing addition to any hospitality space, they really do bring a different experience to a Restaurant or even a Bar. That all too common feeling of rushing customers through their meal, throwing up drink orders and barely getting to speak a word to them.  At-Table ordering allows the customer to place their order and pay online. This order then pops up on your till screen, is automatically assigned to the table and prints out for prep.

    Learn more about Table Ordering

    4. Statistics


    Tapa PoS has developed a smart system that gives you suggestions based on the data that it collects. Peak times, staffing numbers, drinks sold, stock levels in the bar and kitchen. The control that you gain from a system like this is life-changing and boosts profit, experience and staff morale.

  • Track Sales, purchasing trends and profits margins in real time
  • Track table times
  • Front of house and back of house connection
  • Reporting features accessible anywhere
  • Accounting integration capability
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    About Us

    TapaPos is an industry leading supplier of Epos solutions across the UK, based in Northern Ireland, they serve thousands of businesses that all report increases in their bottom line.

    The cloud based, access anywhere Epos software serves a multitude of industries and is changing the way that business are able to carry out every day operations. With a team of experts to hand and a robust epos solution the rapid expansion is understandable. With its unique ability to keep your business going, even in the event of an internet outage, TapaPos is pioneering the next generation of Epos.

    We provide and install the software and then provide you with ongoing support, our expert teams ability to understand your business and adapt to your individual needs is catapulting us to the forefront of the market.


    Why You Need An EPoS System

    Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art point of sale system put in place or you are looking for integration, get in touch and we can help tailor a PoS solution that takes your business needs into consideration, so that it works for your unique business. With hundreds of happy customers, Tapa is helping improve efficiency, increasing revenue and confidently keeping businesses running, even if the connection goes down, we provide complete EPoS solutions that your business can rely on.

    You can read more here on: What Our Systems Entail.

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