"The system has saved us time and labour costs."

"Tapa PoS has really helped us as a business."

Time Bar & Venue

Time Bar & Venue offers everything under one roof, opulent Bars and Restaurants, a split-level outdoor bar and terrace, as well as a nightclub with three floors offering a unique bar and nightclub experience. Head of Operations & Finance, Glenn Nicholl works tirelessly to help keep Time Complex as one of the UK’s leading entertainment venues, constantly innovating and improving the customer experience.

Customer innovations

With the Hospitality Industry constantly changing the way it works in these unprecedented times, Glenn recognised that innovating the customer experience would add more value to the customer’s relationship with the business. “After lockdown restrictions were lifted, I could see that table service was going to be key to our business and had to work out a way to improve customer service whilst keeping our overheads to a minimum”.

When you focus on the customer experience you open up opportunities to create and capture more customers, “by implementing the order at the table app we have been able to increase sales, speed up service and keep our labour costs down” explains Glenn.

Reliable, hands on Support

When searching for a PoS system you want a support team to be as invested in your business as the sales team!

Here at Tapa PoS, we provide a local support team that is on hand to answer any queries 7 days a week. Our support team is the main attraction for some customers like Glenn from Time Bar & Venue, he had his to say,

“We were looking for something easy to use and modern, easy to use for both staff and back of house with great reports. Tapa helps us with the day-to-day run of the business. A massive point for us was local support, on the ground, online help desk is second to none, really great service.”

Reliable EPoS Software


How we can help you

Our PoS systems are set up to work around exactly how you want to run your business, not the other way around. We value the importance of business relationships and helping our customers expand and flourish.

Our contact does not end once the installation is complete, our service goes beyond a ‘sale’ as noted by Glenn Nicholl, Head of Operations & Finance from Time & Bar Venue.

“The team are fantastic, they built our initial database from scratch, install carried out within 1-2 days. They offered additional training, going from there, anytime we need help they are always at the other end of the phone, nothing is an issue for them to resolve.

To find out how Tapa PoS can help your business, schedule a Demo with one of our Hospitality experts!