Tapa POS gives your business the technology you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment


Tapa is a feature-rich, quick-to-learn and extremely resilient Point of Sale system. Serve your customers faster and better, perform store operations on mobile devices and manage your stores more effectively with Tapa POS Software.

A complete point of sale system, Tapa POS is designed to help your operations run smoothly.

Streamline your operations, serve more customers faster, save money and improve customer service.

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Speed of Service

With fast and easy to use menu screens, Tapa POS allows staff to register and complete sales with the press of a few buttons.

Easy to Use

The user interface is simple yet powerful, combining intuitive features to simplify operations and let your business run smoothly.

Accurate Bills

Tapa POS uses printers and kitchen screens to make sure items are sold on your system before being served, so items are always on the bill.

Improve Service

Our easy to use visual table plan helps you and your staff stay on top of service which in turn helps improve overall customer care and service.

Efficient Ordering

Speed up and improve service. Take orders from anywhere with Tapa Go, instantly send orders to the kitchen or bar, increasing order speed and table turns.

Decrease Labour Costs

Your customers can place their orders and pay at the table, staff then simply prepare & deliver the orders to customers’ tables!

Increase Revenue

Turn happy guests into repeat customers. Grow your customer database with Tapa Loyalty. Easily send and redeem digital gift vouchers with the tap of a button.

Robust Security

Strong security features including biometric user login or swipe cards help secure your cash and enable you to keep control of your business.

Integrated Credit Cards

Integrated EFT transactions are quick and seamless allowing contactless payments to be taken in seconds.

Stock Control

Tapa POS allows you to monitor stock levels and stay on top of stock control, control purchase orders, deliveries, returns and wastage.

Real-time Information

Monitor sales in real-time and receive regular sales reports to help you spot trends and adapt fast.

Bullet Proof Hardware

Our hardware is designed for the harsh retail and hospitality environments so it’s always on and you have no down time.

You Are In Good Company

Every day, hundreds of businesses like yours rely on our state of the art EPoS System


Cloud Office

Handheld Ordering

At Table Ordering

Online Ordering

Gift Vouchers

Kitchen Screens

Staff Attendance

Integrated Chip&PIN

Stock Control

Customer Loyalty

Table Reservations

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